Precinct Kitchen + Bar Grand Opening
Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 12:55 PM | Megan Mcdermott
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Everyone’s always trying to find that new place, where atmosphere and food collide. Precinct Kitchen + Bar is opening tomorrow, bringing a new burst of flavors to the restaurant scene in Boston. The décor provides excellence with wood beam floors and shelves stacked with old copper and jugs that bring a country feel inside this unique bistro. The cement bar is filled with aromas of meat, as sticks of chorizo and salami hang from above, your mouth watering in utter contentment. Enjoy refreshing cocktails and savory dishes, like an iron-pot clambake full of clams, shrimp, red potatoes and kielbasa simmering in lobster broth. As the spring arrives, so does their stone patio filled with fire pits and delicious sage margaritas. Don’t miss the opening of this new and soon to be staple in the Boston area.  

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