Jesse Ruben's Latest Album Matters
Sunday, August 1, 2010 at 09:23 PM | Liz Collins
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Jesse Ruben's new release The Ones That Matter delivers more than music; his lyrics are pure poetry. Laced with longing, loss and a little bit of love, Ruben has an uncanny ability to capture universal feelings and emotions in individual ways. He is a story teller, taking a common theme and building a unique story with memorable characters. Unlike other artists, it is not always apparent who is singing the song. Is it Ruben, or a character of his imagination? Take the ballad "The Lives of Others." Beautifully somber, it follows the interwoven stories of once-lovers as they lose, find and again lose love. Ruben, as an individual is no longer a part of the story. Much like a narrator of a third-person novel, Ruben becomes omniscient and shapes his characters around the universal theme of loss. The same is true of "Bleeker and 6th." However, instead of dealing with lost love, "Bleeker" is all about finding it. Ruben, though, is removed. Again, he becomes the narrator and sings of a man and woman finding each other after meeting on a street corner.

 His ability to capture emotions extends to songs that appear a bit more autobiographical. "Unbreakable" questions the end of a relationship while "Don't" pleads with an ex to not make a break-up worse. Ruben crafts what appear to be personal experiences into something that most can relate to. Coupled with his relatable themes is his emotional investment in his songs. You can literally hear the emotions in his voice. You can hear the sadness, hear the loss, hear the happiness, whatever emotion it may be. You're there with him, and you can feel what he is feeling, because you can hear it.

Though a Philly native, Ruben has cultivated a following in Boston as a graduate of Berklee College of Music. Fans will be delighted to hear that he’ll return to the city of his Alma Mater on Wednesday, September 29th when he plays at Café 939. He’ll find himself on the road with Jer Coons and Seth Glier in September and October, while he’ll spend August and early September bouncing around from venue to venue playing favorites for his followers.

 Boston music fans, if you haven’t checked out Jesse Ruben yet, get on it! With heartfelt lyrics that tell unique but relatable stories, you’ll fall in love with this hometown guy. Visit or iTunes for more information and ways to purchase his music.

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