Emerging Trends from Lasell Students
Monday, September 27, 2010 at 07:57 PM | Natasha Mogilevskaya
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Boston's third-annual Emerging Trends fashion show took place at the Castle at Park Plaza Hotel this past Saturday, September 25th. While many of the showcased designers had traveled from all over the world, including Janice Louise Miller (Canada) and Huong Vu (Virgin Islands), several others were based right out of the Boston area.

Up-and-coming Boston designers included Crystal Noe, Greg Hugill and Dawn Mostow. All are graduates and/or current students of Lasell College, and all have a unique sensibility.

New Hampshire native, Crystal Noe, has been featured in Emerging Trends for the past two years. Her line, Lizee-Tish, displayed a collection called Smitten. This feminine, romantic collection is based on impressionist art, and features pearly, silvery tones. Noe says that she designs Lizee-Tish for the girl she aspires to be: her muse.

Greg Hugill was born in Maine and currently lives in Brighton, MA. This was his first non-college fashion show and he was very excited to be a part of it. His designs were based on classic mid-20th century fashions, similar to the styles on the TV show Mad Men, featuring several tailored looks in tan and purple.

Made entirely out of latex, Waltham's Dawn Mostow also presented her Dawnamatrix collection at The Emerging Trends. Mostow says that latex is more comfortable than it looks, and that she loves its beauty and versatility. She has showcased her latex kimonos at the State House, and is currently selling her clothes through her own web site.

Le-Hong Hopkins, another Lasell alumna, was featured at a vendor booth. Inspired by J-Rock, Gothic Lolita and punk rock fashion, her collection, Tainted Roses, features a colorful array of streetwear, bridal wear and accessories.

You can check out some of the emerging Boston designers' collections at the following links:

www.etsy.com/shop/lizeeTish  (Crystal Noe)

www.dawnamatrix.com  (Dawn Mostow)

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