Knowledgeable in cocktails, the bartenders at Drink are experts in drink making. This low-key mixology bar in the Waterfront district is well-known for their lack of a cocktail menu, instead relying on the patron’s tastes, mood, and preferences to create a delicious drink. Especially perfect for those who are picky or cocktail-savvy, Drink’s warm and inviting demeanor is the backdrop for a bar that specializes in precision and accuracy when making its cocktails. Drink attracts a chic and trendy but unpretentious crowd, who are ready to experience the pleasure coming from tasting a well-made quality drink.

Music & Atmosphere


Clean, simple, and focused describes the ambiance and atmosphere of Drink. While many bars boast large flat screen TVs, loud music, and flashy, scantily-clad women, Drink focuses directly on presenting quality cocktails. Along with their knowledgeable bar staff, Drink’s warm and inviting attitude is also reflected by low lighting, exposed brick, and a gorgeous bar. Chat with an expert mixologist, indulge in a vibe reminiscent of a 1930’s speakeasy, and most importantly, discover some of the best cocktails this side of the Charles River.

Food & Drink

Because Drink does not feature a cocktail menu, patrons indulge in custom made cocktails that are tailored to their specific tastes and cravings. The bartenders are expert mixologists who are ready to engage in conversation with patrons in order to get a better idea of what concoction to serve them. This encouragement of interaction between the staff and clients creates a pleasant and friendly atmosphere that everyone enjoys. Cocktails are made using the freshest ingredients; Drink has home grown herbs, home-made grenadine and bitters, and freshly squeezed fruit juices. Often forgotten, Drink also serves delicious appetizers, like prosciutto and potato croquettes, that don’t overwhelm the cocktails.

Type of Place


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