This is where you need to be this weekend if you’re trying to rage. Royale nightclub is always jumping with an excited and young crowd there to have a good time. Often, there’s a long line outside so you may want to come a bit earlier than planned. But hey, long line means people can’t wait to get inside, so that’s always a good sign and it moves at a decent speed. The stage at Royale nightclub is often taken over by awesome and talented live entertainers performing and getting the entire crowd riled up. The venue is massive in size and includes two levels so there’s plenty of room to dance, walk around and explore. Bars on both floors. Woohoo! Royale nightclub even has sexy aerial dancers at times performing acrobatic stunts overhead which is pretty sweet. Definitely a nightclub you need to experience if you haven’t been so far. We’re sure you’ll end up a weekly regular.

WHAT: Royale Nightclub

WHERE: 279 Tremont St. Boston