Lawrence Dean's Biscotti
Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at 11:40 AM | Amber Gibson
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  Lawrence Dean's biscotti are a fun American twist on a European classic. Sweeter and lighter than the original twice-baked biscuits from Prato, these biscotti taste just as great dunked in a warm cup of coffee. Of course, you can try the standard Italian almond flavor, but you also have more imaginative options like cranberry walnut, cinnamon, praline, and chocolate pistachio.

The lemon biscotti, made with fresh lemon rind and drizzled with lemon icing, are a personal favorite. Chocolate chocolate chip will entice any choco-holic and the oatmeal blueberry almost constitutes a healthy breakfast.


If biscotti are not your sweet of choice, Lawrence Dean's also serves the most adorable little Christmas or Hannukah mini -cookies. Snowmen, wreaths, sleds, candy canes, menorahs, dreidels and more will brighten up  any holiday season. Toffee and Greek sweet bread round out the mix of gourmet treats.

You can try Lawrence Dean's biscotti at the Evanston Main Street Metra station, or buy them online.

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