Planet Bordeaux Goldmine Chicago
Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 01:00 PM | Carolyn Jummati
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Food and wine are universal pleasures that go hand-in-hand with eachother. The culinary world has invented an art form when it comes to pairing wine with the perfect dish. Companies like Planet Bordeaux, aim to educate wine aficionados on the various flavors and blends that are available in markets all over the world. Recently, the company visited Chicago to host an event at the Skydeck of the Willis Tower. The event was open to the public from 5pm to 8pm and was enjoyed by about 300 guests. Multiple wineries attended the event and allowed visitors to taste samples of their wine selections. Visitors were exposed to many selections that are not even available in the U.S. market as of yet. Visitors were also able to make notes on their favorite beverages and meet with representatives from the wineries if they were interested in discovering more about each one.

Wine enthusiast Jana Kravitz and her husband, French filmmaker Luc Plissonneau were the key players in making the event at the Willis Tower a success. From constructing a hard working team that included industry professionals and enthusiastic volunteers, to designing and planning the activities, and the food being served at the event, Kravitz and Plissonneau left little to be desired. Guests entered the Skydeck and were immediately greeted and directed to the beautifully decorated venue with breathtaking decorations and views of the entire city of Chicago. If desired, parties could visit the 103rd Floor of the Willis Tower, where they could stand out on the famous ledges and feel as if they were floating above the city. The Ledges are glass balconies that extend four feet outside the Willis Tower which offers guests an unforgettable experience.

For those people who were interested in learning more about wine and its pairings, Planet Bordeaux included workshops with experts in the business to explain the product and answer any questions that guests had. The other side of the event included the wine vendors, places to sit and relax, and even a DJ who helped to set the easy going, but classy atmosphere. The color scheme added to the relaxed mood of the event, with soothing tones including beautiful shades of blue, purple, red and pink. Many of the attendees were dressed in formal attire such as suits and simple gowns. Guests were nothing but smiles as they left the event at the end of the night with their complimentary goodie bags in hand, and thanked Kravitz for her hard work and dedication to the company. Planet Bordeaux does not appear to be slowing down any time soon and after the event at the Willis Tower on Friday, April 19th, it is clear that the company has a strong and growing support system in Chicago, IL.   


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