Organization 101: How to Maximize a Tiny Closet
Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 12:50 PM | Leigh Loosbrock
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In any major city, it’s hard to find a good deal of living space for a great price. Thus, most of us are forced to work with what we’re given; some have large closets, some have small, and others don’t have one at all! However we all have one thing in common: we have too many clothes and we love to shop. So any space given, large or tiny, usually just doesn’t cut it. Well have no fear fellow clothing enthusiasts! We have found  4 simple steps to fix this continuing problem and ways utilize your closet to its full potential.

Step #1: De-clutter

 Yea, it’s a pain, but get it done! Pull everything out of your closet and make piles: things that belong in your closet and things that could easily be stored somewhere else. From there, detangle the pile of things that do actually belong by putting them into 2 more piles: things you wear, and those you know you don’t wear or haven’t worn for at least a year. This is your opportunity to give back by donating those that are just taking up extra space. Remember, be detail oriented, you may breeze through a few one hit wonders thinking “I better keep this..this look may come back someday." Trust us, they won’t. Trends are a continuing cycle and if you haven’t seen them come back since you bought the piece you are deliberating over, there’s a 99.9% chance they’re gone for good.

Step #2: Analyze

Evaluate the empty space of your closet without everything piled and packed inside. You’ll have a better idea of what space isn’t being utilized and be able to see where shelves could be put in, extra rods could be added and where storage containers will fit.

Step #3: Utilize vertical space

Get those extra shelves, rods and containers that you know you need in that tiny little space! We suggest getting an over-the-door shoe rack as opposed to putting them on a floor shoe rack. That is simply taking up valuable space that you know you need! Tiered hangers are definitely key. They allow several pieces of clothing on one hanger and take up much less space. Adhesive wall hooks are also a great idea if you have the wall space on the sides or back of your closet. Scarves, belts, hats and other accessories can be easily hung on them and they only cost a couple of bucks! (Yeah we know, they aren’t the most attractive things in the world, but get crafty and paint over the white plastic with a cool color and they may turn out to look more appealing than you thought!). You will be able to easily find all of these things at home stores like The Container store or Bed Bath & Beyond.

Step #4: Organize and store away out-of-season clothing

What kind of clothing do you have the most of? Give each type a designated space of your closet; put those pieces that wrinkle easily on hangers and those that don’t, folded on shelves. By giving everything a specific spot, not only will your closet immediately become more organized, but you’ll actually be able to find stuff! No more digging through tangled hangers trying to find where you put your little red dress (c’mon, we’ve all been there). Once you have created these spaces, go a step further and separate items by season. If it is the middle of summer and you are hanging sweaters and tweed pants, well that is just a waste of space right there! Put all of the clothing that doesn’t apply to the present season in containers and store them on shelves or at the bottom of your closet. Or better yet, use underbed storage containers! Handy low-profile plastic underbed containers easily slide in and out and hold a ton of stuff! You’ll find so much more space for the clothes you already have, (as well as the clothes you know you are going to have next week after your shopping trip!) after implementing these 4 tips.

Good luck and godspeed! We promise you won't be disappointed!

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