Zouk IS a word, it's in the Dictionary
Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 12:52 PM | Kia Williams
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Zouk Nightclub is a newly opened club located in Downtown Dallas close to the West End district. It is open every weekend from 10PM until 2AM. They have Vanity Fridays for the divas to flaunt and Glow Saturdays that may cause epileptic seizures (just kidding). The music style is mash-up (sort of like what the word means) and dance and the dress code is chic. Zouk has exciting elements to it: a Vegas-esque Retro-Glam design, two levels, outdoor seating, several VIP booths, 4 full-size bars, frequent celebrity appearances, and the DJ booth in the center of the club.

The smoke blown about this club is that it is the “Mega-Club of Dallas.” Disappointingly, Zouk does not measure up to the Internet hype. Apparently, Zouk is the renovated and revamped version of Starck Club from the 80’s that had celebrity clientele like Madonna, Prince, and Grace Jones, but in this decade, it is not so hot. There isn’t much of a dance floor, which doesn’t make a difference because the clubbers do more walking around and spilling of drinks than dancing. The crowd is very young (it makes you question if it is really a 21 and up club) and the atmosphere is not “Mega” at all. One of the club goers called it “Mega-Douchy.”  

This is a suitable place to go to with a big group of friends, get a VIP section, and just enjoy each other’s company. At least one celebrity of some sort will probably be in the building.

703 McKinney Ave., Dallas, Texas 75202 (214) 754-8090

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