Mulligans On First

159 1st St
Hoboken, NJ 07030-3543
(201) 876-4101

Mulligans pub, located in the traditional New York Yankees fan zone of Hoboken, N.J., has become a safe haven and second home to Phillies fans, especially during this 2009 World Series. While New York Yankee fans have the luxury of choosing between hundreds of Yankee-friendly bars in Jersey, Hoboken’s Mulligans is actually geared toward Phillies and Eagles fans.

At Mulligans, located on First Street, an Irish state of mind meets Philadelphia ferociousness. European soccer is really the spirit of Mulligans, as the European soccer jerseys and sports towels coupled with the showing of every soccer, rugby and G.A.A. games indicate. However, it became a hub for Philadelphia fans five years ago when owner, Paul Dawson, was approached by a club that wanted to rent a private bar room to watch Eagles football on Sundays. Before long, the pub’s Philly-friendly popularity caught on, and Dawson began to regularly show Phillies baseball games. Now, a loyal and rowdy bunch in red line up at the bar and intently watching the World Series unfold-- not Irishmen, but diehard Philadelphia fans.

“Being a Philly fan in this part of New Jersey is kind of suffering, so being able to watch games with Philly fans and not being yelled at by New York fans is great,” says Nina, who came to Mulligans to watch Game 2 of the series last week with her son. Another patron, Anthony, originally from the Philly suburbs, says he comes to Mulligans for the Philadelphia games as well as some big Euro soccer games. “Their bartenders are great here and I like the atmosphere,” he says. “It’s fun with other Philadelphians, why wouldn’t I come here?”    

During the series, baseball lovers can take advantage of $2 Bud Light pints, $8 pitchers and $12 buckets; as well as $2.50 Yuengling pints, $10 pitchers and $12 buckets.  But game day or not, Mulligans gives off a neighborhood sports bar feel. The menu serves all the fried bar food your stomach could desire—wings, nachos, quesadillas, chicken tenders and more. Should you have the urge to tap into your inner Irishman, they serve fish and chips and the traditional Irish breakfast all day long.

And as for all you Yankee fans, don’t get too embarrassed if you accidentally stumble into Mulligans wearing your jersey one night; Dawson (the owner) says it happens from time to time. “They’ll make a mistake and they’ll walk in and go woah,” he says. Luckily, Phillies fans normally just laugh it off.