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Another Round of Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

Just when you thought Jimmy Kimmel's segment couldn't get any funnier, haters and their celebs deliver! Well, the fun is in the mean tweets, right? When Kimmel first started out this segment over two years ago, little did anyone know that these tweets would actually have some quality burns. This time 'round "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" include Ty Burrell, Britney Spears, Chloe Moretz and the hunky hunky Chris Pratt! The icing on the top has to be REM's "Everybody Hurts" playing in the background!

[PS: Hey Gerard Butler, the nearest burn hospital is around the corner!]

The Bellas Are Back in Pitch Perfect 2

The anticipated trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 has finally been released. The sequel to the hit 2012 film features returning cast members Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow and Elizabeth Banks, who also took on the role of director for the film as well.

Fans of the original will be happy to hear “Cups” in the trailer which shows the Barden Bellas preparing to perform in the a cappella world championships. Of course other familiar faces like the Treblemakers are back for the sequel as well.

Pitch Perfect 2 hits theaters on May 15th, 2015. Check out the trailer below!

People Magazine Denies Ryan Gosling Turned Down 'Sexiest' Title

Although Chris Hemsworth was recently named People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” rumors began circulating the internet that Ryan Gosling actually turned down the magazine’s request to give him the title.

According to the entertainment news website The Wrap, “They tried a few times, especially during his huge year in 2011,” and that, “The consensus was he's too serious for it, too artsy.” Instead Bradley Cooper was given the title in 2011, in which Gosling fans did not take too lightly. Some of the actors fans staged a protest outside of the magazine’s headquarters.

The Trailer for Disney's Live Action Cinderella is Finally Here

Ever remember the days when, as a kid, you'd spend countless hours watching and re-watching VHS tapes of your favorite Disney classics? If you get nostalgic thinking about these "simpler times," here's a bit of good news: a new version Cinderella is coming to theaters on March 13th! Catch a glimpse of the trailer (above), and get ready for a fresh take of the animated classic, which will now feature a live cast starring Cate Blanchett, Lily James, Richard Madden, and Helena Bonham Carter. If this rags-to-riches story was constantly on replay during your childhood, seeing this updated movie is going to be a "ball"!

Solange Knowles Ties the Knot in New Orleans

Solange Knowles married video music director Alan Ferguson in New Orleans on Sunday November 16th. Guests attending the wedding, which included Beyonce and Jay Z, wore all white for the occasion. The bride herself wore a cream pantsuit with a cape designed by Stephane Rolland.

The couple arrived to the ceremony which was held at the Marigny Opera House on white painted bikes with the bride’s bouquet held in a basket on the front of her bike. At the reception, the bride had a mother-son dance with her 10-year-old son Julez to the song “No Flex Zone” by Rae Sremmurd.

The couple reportedly became engaged in June when the couple was on vacation celebrating Knowles’ birthday.

This is Knowles’ second marriage as she was previously married to Daniel Smith from which she had her son.

Congrats to the couple!

One on One With Love and Hip Hop's Yesi Ortiz recently had the opportunity to sit down with “The Voice of Los Angeles,” Yesi Ortiz. As she was still trying to process the drama and insanity that occurred at the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Reunion from the day before, we were happy to speak with her and get her take on the incidents on the show as well as off camera.

The radio personality recently joined the Love and Hip Hop series when they began their newest season in Hollywood, California. Already a popular name in California, a venture in televsion seemed a natural fit. “A lot of people know my voice and I just felt like this was a really good opportunity for them to know my face. You know? It’s Love and Hip Hop. I love love and I love hip hop… this is a good platform for me.” Fans of previous seasons, we were curious as to whether or not she anticipated any negative repercussions from appearing on the show. Reality TV can often harm a promising career if not done correctly. “I was worried, but I made sure to let people know that I was not that one, and that was not what I wanted to do.”

Benedict Cumberbatch Nails Celebrity Impressions

Prepare to fall in love with Benedict Cumberbatch (if you haven't already, that is). The star's new film is called The Imitation Game, so clearly MTV's Josh Horowitz had to see what kind of imitations the Brit could do.

In one minute Cumberbatch nails celeb imitations from Jack Nicholson to Alan Rickman to even the princess of pop herself, Taylor Swift. Check out the video below to see the funniest thing you'll watch today.

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MTV Star Dies After Long Battle With Cancer

MTV The Challege star Diem Brown has passed away at the age of 32 while fighting her third bout with cancer. The reality star passed away on November 14th just a few days after pleading with her twitter followers for some hope in her difficult situation.

I NEED PRAyErs and advice my doctors are seemingly giving up but I won't & can't rollover. Whatever option I have to LIVE I'm grabbing!

— Diem Brown (@DiemBrownMTV) November 11, 2014
Kim Kardashian Tries to Break the Internet with Latest Magazine Cover

For her latest magazine cover, Kim Kardashian is literally trying to break the internet.

For their Winter 2014 issue, Paper magazine features Kardashian all oiled up slipping out of a black dress with her famous back side in full view. The shot also has her wearing black satin gloves and a beaded choker with her hair up in a bun.

Another cover that Paper magazine released has the reality star recreating photographer Jean-Paul Goude’s famous “Champagne Incident” photo in which a champagne glass is placed on Kardashian’s famous backside while she holds an champagne bottle that has a steam of champagne going over her head into the glass. Both covers feature the title “Break the Internet Kim Kardashian.”

The Homesman is a Beautiful, Star-Studded Mess

It is easy enough to find a movie that attempts to tell a familiar story in a remarkable way. What makes Tommy Lee Jones’ second directorial venture, the deconstructed western The Homesman, so unusual is that it attempts the reverse. Here you can find an extremely unusual story made to look like any other piece of Oscar bait, and the end result is a mess, but a fascinating one.

The Homesman stars Hilary Swank and Tommy Lee Jones as an odd couple of weathered frontiersmen who are forced to work together over the course of one terrible Nebraska winter. Swank plays Mary Bee Cuddy, a straight-laced, God-fearing single woman who has aged into an old maid on the edge of civilization, while Jones is George Briggs, a claim-jumping rascal with a dark past. The two take on the mantle of three women, driven insane by the terrible conditions of the west, who need to be carted back to Iowa where they can be properly cared for.

Muffin Top: A Love Story

The October 18th world premiere of indie breakout film, Muffin Top, A Love Story, at the Carmel International Film Festival was hailed with shrieks of laughter from both female and male viewers. Not a minute passed without uproarious hilarity. Not the formula Hollywood comedy—predictable, ho-hum; it’s a laugh around every corner. When was the last time you watched a move that funny?

The plot is a universal theme: shallow, bored (and boring) man leaves woman. Woman fixates on her body image. But it delivers a wallop of a message with broad audience appeal. Youth, adult, and “mature” (the upper arms thing) viewers will all relate. The script, written by Cathryn Michon and her New York Times bestselling author husband, W. Bruce Cameron, showcases their formidable talents.Hunky David Arquette plays love interest to Cathryn’s Suzanne who out-“Bettes”Middler (Cathryn and Bette are both certifiable geniuses, but Cathryn is funnier).