LOVE this place. I've been going here for almost 10 years and have never grown tired of it. Some nights are definitely more "raunchy" than others (Whoo-Hoo!!), but over all, Fubar is a really fun bar.

Geisha House provides its clientele with necessary vibe, music, and invigorating tones essential in the creation of sensuality through taste, touch, smell and complete stimulation. Beautiful women, dressed as the geisha did in Japan, stroll and saunter around the restaurant and are there to take your orders for food and drink. The dim setting, bright red tones and wooden décor bring luxury to a new height.

Food & Drink

If all you want is the popular and simple California roll, you’re definitely at the wrong sushi restaurant. Taking a cue from Japan’s popular sake bars and traditional Geisha houses of entertainment, Geisha House serves Japanese cuisine as well as fresh sushi and sashimi dishes with a contemporary spin. Whether its a social gathering or a romantic dinner for two, Geisha House is the perfect destination for groups of all sizes.

Type of Place


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