The Seed-To-Cup Crazy Is Worth All the Hype

Make way for a new trend which will forever change the way you drink your coffee. We know you've heard about “farm-to-table," but what about “seed-to-cup?" As coffeehouses begin to adopt this new philosophy, we can say good-bye to weak brews and hello to more robust, outstanding beverages.

“Seed-to-table” focuses on a company growing, picking, importing, roasting, and brewing all of their own beans, using only their personal resources from start to finish. If done right, all of this work translates into a more flavorful roast which helps the drinker experience the genuine flavor of an authentic coffee blend.

This Week, The Guacamole Is NOT Extra

In August, tragedy struck when a fire broke out on the roof of Flatiron’s Tres Carnes, causing the restaurant to close for the past two months. On Monday, the beloved restaurant reopened, and not without acknowledging National Guacamole Day, which was celebrated last week. Tres Carnes will be making it up to you with a special offer. During the Flatiron location’s Grand Re-Opening Week, get your guac added to any burrito, tacos or bowl absolutely FREE! Yup, free.

The menu, prepared by Excecutive Chef Sasha Shor, focuses on a one-of-a-kind “slow-fast serve” that has inspired its ‘Authentic Mexican Fare with True Texas Smoke.’ Insomuch the restaurant’s exquisite fare is entirely unique, offering a slow-smoked Texas barbeque flare sprinkled with fresh modern Mexican cuisine, all topped by an authentic, fresh experience.

Make Every Venture a Black Box Occasion

For savory wine ventures, think Black Box. Black Box Wines are absolutely perfect for holidays, parties, birthday bashes...and any outdoor plan! This award-winning brand places a major emphasis on top-notch flavor, quality and enjoyment, which is represented through each luscious sip.

Black Box’s 90-point 2009 Merlot was ranked sixth in Wine Enthusiast’s “Top 100 Best Buy” in 2012. This brand’s smart and efficient packaging portrays a more eco-friendly flair than your typical bottled wine, as less energy is required to produce and transport it. Upon opening, your box will savor its freshness for about one month. Relish at a dinner gathering or with Sunday’s pasta dinner!

The Ultimate Foodie Battle: Ceviche vs Tiradito

Have you ever wondered who in New York makes the best ceviche of all? Well this week, you can participate in the ultimate competition to pick the best ceviche and tiradito in the city.

For those who have never had the chance to try these treats, ceviche is a traditional dish that combines diced fish with onions and other individual seasonings, while tiradito is a more sashimi-inspired dish, with long pieces of thinly sliced fish topped with different spicy sauces.

Nine of New York's top Peruvian restaurants will be competing, pitting their tastiest concoctions against each other. These restaurants include Raymi, Coco Roco, and La Cevicheria; you can check out the full list here. Just try their special competition dish, and if you love it, tweet a photo along with the restaurant name and the hashtag #CevicheVsTiradito.

How to Make the Best Butternut Squash You'll Ever Eat

Total Time: 1 hour 25 min

Prep: 45 min

Cook: 40 min


1 prepared 9-inch single pie crust

2 cups pre-cubed & peeled butternut squash

8 oz. cubed pancetta

1 cup coarsely chopped Shitake mushrooms

¾ cup sliced yellow onion

Extra virgin olive oil

Food Flavored Lip Balm is Apparently a Thing

Sometimes when you see a product, you might wonder the following: “Who thought of this?” “Why is this necessary in anyone’s life?” (or our personal favorite) “This could be absolutely disgusting or tasty!”
If you haven’t figured it out, we are talking about the strangest food flavored lip products. Even though Coca-Cola flavored Smackers chapstick was the coolest in middle school, people are still creating even weirder products!

1. Paula Deen’s Butter Lip Balm-
Seriously. This actually exists and since Paula loves butter so much in her cooking, her personal lip balm is butter flavored. If you’re a butter lover or into having your lips also feel… greasy 24/7, then this is your lip balm!

Cookies Just Like Grandma Used to Make

It’s homemade cookie day! Even if you didn’t realize this holiday existed, you can bet it’ll be a fun and easy way to celebrate. So, this Wednesday get out your kitchen-aid and other baking gadgets and get ready to make some of the best cookies that can be found anywhere! Plus, it's not like you needed another excuse to bake delicious goodness.

1. White Chocolate-Cranberry Cookies-

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup packed light brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon almond extract
1 large egg
1/2 cup white-chocolate chips
3/4 cup dried cranberries

Celebrate National Coffee Day with Lavazza

Monday, September 29th marks a notorious date on every urbanite and suburbanite’s calendar: National Coffee Day!! With all of the sips of coffee taken throughout the world each day, this amazingly delicious fuel we run on deserves some love and appreciation. What better way to celebrate this holiday than with beloved Italian coffee brand, Lavazza? Click here to shop Lavazza today.

Lavazza has provided Joonbug with scrumptious recipes to savor all day long, so everyone can enjoy coffee on National Coffee Day. Below recipes (except Shakerato) credited to Lavazza Brand Ambassadors, Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos.

NYC vs The World

As much as we all love where we live, let's be honest: New York City isn’t cheap. It is a matter of fact that nothing is cheap here until you step outside of Manhattan, and sometimes not even then. Even if it's pretty (on occasion), convenient, and fun, NYC is significantly more expensive than almost everywhere else by comparison, and that applies to even the most basic and universal things. Check out the price differences we've rounded up for you between some of everyone's favorite foods and necessities, and see for yourself!

1. Chipotle Standard Chicken Burrito

The Meatball Shop Becomes The Tastiest Sitcom On TV

Let’s get the ball rolling with this restaurant turned TV show! The Meatball Shop (multiple locations, New York City) has officially announced that it will be used as the inspiration for one of CBS’s newest sitcoms. The story follows two best friends who are on the track to restaurant success, but must face the difficulties which come from owning a business together. The solution? Visiting a couple’s therapist, of course! While the plot seems a little “out there”, it actually stays true to the history behind Meatball Shop owners, Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow.

New York City Celebrates The Joy Of Sake

As the foremost sake celebration in the world, the Joy of Sake strives to instill in people a deep sense of appreciation for the sake brewer’s art under Takao Nihei’s guiding belief that “there’s no such thing as a bad sake. Hosted in various locations around the world since 2001, Joy of Sake made its first New York appearance in 2004, after the popularity of premium had already begun to stake it’s claim on a number of prominent restaurant menus.

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