Why Ke$ha Is (Surprisingly) An Excellent Role Model

1. She's challenges socially established gender roles.

She talks about having casual sex, partying, and drinking. She openly sexualizes guys, something that male artists do to women on a daily basis, except when they do it, nobody even bats an eyelash. In fact, 'Blah Blah Blah' was actually made as a conscious effort to try and create a song where she talks about men the way they talk about girls. When it's a female talking about this kind of stuff, everybody is quick to label her as trashy or uncouth, but the exact same things are celebrated and joked about when they come from a man. Ke$ha says it best herself, “I’m a young, responsible woman who can work and party as hard as any man. So, if I want to talk about drinking and sex, I’m going to do it.”

Flip On the Tele - Fox to Showcase New Show based on Rivers Cuomo

Rivers Cuomo, best known as the frontman of influential rock band Weezer, is going to have a sitcom based on life air on Fox. As many are aware, the nerd-rocker attended Harvard for a year in 1996, then left to work with Weezer full-time, only to return and finish his degree almost a decade later.

Somewhat loosely-based on Cuomo’s experiences, the show is called DeTour and revolves around a mid-thirties rockstar who departs from the limelight to “find himself” and figure out what he missed while being famous.

Fox already struck a deal with the creators to pay them if the pilot doesn’t air, so it does seem as though this one is being fast-tracked. Maybe some Weezer songs work themselves into the soundtrack – one can only hope! Just no new stuff…

Rusko Announces Followup To '!'

This has certainly been a busy summer for Leeds-born-L.A.-based producer, Rusko. Just a few short weeks after he blew us away with the incredible and eclectic, genre-bending ! EP, Rusko back with a new EP that promises to be just as diverse and interesting as the first. The ! Volume 2 EP is a six-track sequel and with the announcement comes an awesome new single featuring Pusher.

'I Wanna Mingle' starts off sporting some awesome groovy basslines before sprinkling in Waveracer-esque chiptune synths. The entire track is light and sparkling, and though some longtime Rusko fans are mourning the loss of his "old" sound, we are absolutely in love and can't wait to find out what's going to be next!

The Zedd Remix of 'Rude' Is Finally Here!!

The day has finally come. After weeks of teasers and settling by listening to a crappy festival livestream rip, you can now listen to the full, high quality version of Zedd's remix of 'Rude'!

Zedd takes the Magic! original and puts in his classic Zedd sound, even paying homage to some of his older stuff by throwing in a slightly softer version of that signature 'Spectrum' siren towards the end. From his soaring synths to the awesome pianos, Zedd's 'Rude' remix basically sounds like he took a bunch of the songs off of the Clarity album and mashed them all together before adding on the Magic! vocals, and we say this in the best way possible!

The Zedd remix of 'Rude' will be out in just five short days on September 2nd, which also happens to be Zedd's birthday! Stream the track above and get ready, because Zedd can definitely add this remix to his long list of worldwide radio sensations.

Knife Party To Release Debut Album!

From Pendulum to Knife Party (and now possibly Pendulum again?!?!), Rob Swire & Gareth McGrillen have constantly been at the forefront of musical innovation. After a trio of successful EP's, the duo have finally decided to take their talents to the next level with their very first full-length album, Abandon Ship.

Just one listen to their brand new single, 'Resistance,' and we guarantee the only thing on your mind will be "holy shit." With release news this meteoric, it seems only fitting that it come alongside a hardhitting, energy-filled banger of epic proportions. And don't forget that this is only the beginning.

Sonic Highways - A Peek Into the New HBO Series by Dave Grohl and The Foo Fighters

The biggest rock band in the United States is taking their act to new heights once again. Continuing to push the envelope, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters have this time brought their story to HBO with a series about the making of their latest LP, Sonic Highways. The show – of the same name as the LP – is set to air October 17th at 11pm, and features appearances from Slash, Dolly Parton, LL Cool J, Macklemore, Willie Nelson and even President Obama.

The series dives deeper into the process of the album, and chronicles the sonically unique experience the band became a part of when recording in cities all across the country. Notes Grohl in the trailer below, "I really believe that the environment in which you write or record an album influences the musical results.”

Flux Pavilion Remixes His Own 'Freeway' Alongside Kill The Noise

Flux Pavilion has remained relatively quiet since the release of his Freeway EP over nine months ago, only emerging to release a remix here and there. But of course, any time he does come out with something, it is absolutely banging. After the huge sucess of Flux Pavilion's remix of Skrillex & Kill The Noise's 'Recess,' the two come back together for another incredible collaboration. This time, the duo work together to revamp Flux Pavilion's 'Freeway' to deliver a remix that's a slight left turn from both of their usual musical styles.

Review & Interview: Death Valley Girls

It’s eighty-two degrees and sunny outside. There have been a number of celebrity sightings on Rodeo Drive this afternoon. Most of the ‘A’- listers spotted, were seen weaving through the crowds en route to their favorite boutiques, while many of the others sipped champagne from cut-crystal flutes at some of the nearby bistros. The city of Angels is host to a much darker element as well; one where leather, guitars, and gangs define the social structure. Death Valley Girls, the tough-talking, hard-hitting foursome with their own brand of fuzz-soaked dystopian doom punk, is a product of this gritty counter-culture. After a successful debut of their EP, "Street Venom" on Burger Records back in February, the girls now are preparing for the release of their sophomore endeavor via Lolipop this fall, by dropping two of their new singles early; "Electric High" and "Gettin' Hard." "Electric High" takes no prisoners, with roaring guitars competing shamelessly with unrelenting percussion, all embedded within a heavy layer of reverb. The surprisingly danceable beat is a throwback to the early days of garage and punk rock, much like The Velvet Underground and Jesus and Mary's rad. On the album's B-side is the pulverizing "Gettin' Hard," a groovy blend of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Pain Dimension, and The Murlocs. Powerful lyrics tell a tale of woe with the help of classic staticy instrumentals: "things are getting so hard, things are getting so hard for me...things are getting so hard, what I get I get for free..." We spoke with the rough-and-tumble foursome responsible for these recalcitrant new tunes: frontwoman Bonnie Bloomgarden, bassist Rocky, "The Kid"/Kill City Kelsey/Laura Kelsey (formerly of The Flytraps) on drums, and guitarist Larry Schemel (ex-Flesh Eaters and brother of former Hole drummer, Patty Schemel) about fulfilling lifelong goals, dream collaborations, and what the future holds... Earlier this year, you released your debut album "Street Venom" on Burger Records. What would you say were the biggest inspirations for the record? BONNIE BLOOMGARDEN: Putting out a tape on Burger was our inspiration. It took three of the longest, loneliest, most grueling soul-sucking, life de-mystifying years to find one another. When finally we did meet we had only one goal in mind...Put out a tape on Burger Records. Do you have a favorite track? ROCKY: Yeah..."Arrow," because it doesn't sound like anything else. LARRY SCHEMEL: "No Reason," cause it's one of the first songs we wrote together and all still like! THE KID: Oh man!...Probably "Run Run Rocky" because I love the organ at the end...or "No Reason," or "Sanitarium Blues!" Do you have a set songwriting process? BONNIE: No, songs just come to us...who knows from where! The only thing I'm certain of is that when Larry and I write together it's magic, it's street, and that's what we like. So, all we need to do is sit down, find the melody, and it builds from there. In terms of lyrics, well, I just wait until I'm in the studio to write them. Playing guitar feels good, writing lyrics and thinking aren't as fun. What's the biggest difference between the sound on "Street Venom" as opposed to your new EP? BONNIE: Street Venom had been brewing in the ether for a long while. It only took two days to record because we recorded with a true studio wizard, Mark Rains, there's hardly any overdubs, mostly first take best take or else we move on. "Arrow," "Get Home," and "Paradise Blues" were born on the spot. The process for the new EP was different, it was super intentional. We have so much fun playing these songs we wanted to get them down while they were still young and fresh, and we wanted them out right away so everyone could hear them. The two tracks are with our new drummer, "The Kid," and "Street Venom" was with Patty. Oh, and I think we're calling the new EP "Street Justice," but that's not official or anything. Who are your biggest musical influences? BONNIE: Black Sabbath, The Stooges, Little Eva, MC5, Velvet Underground, The Cramps...Bo Diddley to name but a few. Bonnie, you're featured on the new King Tuff album. How'd you get involved in that? BONNIE: It, happened! It was fate at its best, you know? Bobby reached out to me because he needed someone to sing back up vocals. Then, being able to go into Studio B with Bobby Harlow, who's one of my top ten all time favorite rock and rollers. As if that wasn't cool enough, I find out it's for the new King Tuff! And they had Ty Segall on drums, ya know, I mean, I'm super into him, and on drums, he plays like no one else... it's too amazing, won't likely happen again to be part of such a personally epic project, but it was enough good to last a few lifetimes. If you could collaborate with anyone - dead or alive - who would it be? BONNIE: Fred "Sonic" Smith on guitar, Ivy on rhythm guitar, (or Tony Iommi on lead and Thunders on rhythm) Ringo on drums, the bass player from UFO on bass, The Tammies as back up girls, me as lead back ups, and Iggy on vocals. And of course Brian Jones on string-ed things for when we record. We see that you guys have a bunch of west coast dates scheduled with Shonen Knife this summer, any plans to come to the east coast any time soon? BONNIE: Plan it everyday. Where do you see the band in five years? BONNIE: Oh man. There's this awesome compound type thing on top of this hill in Elysian Park. It looks victorian, but also could be from the 50's. It's three very tall houses, and I believe a guest house with no windows, which would be our studio. And there's a vegetable garden and tons of fruit trees, and cactus that are so unusual, they're probably the only of their species. I hope we are living there. Or at least in a house with a basement. And we gotta have chickens. And dogs. Is there anything you want to say to your fans? BONNIE: Oh man, Hi!
Dillon Francis' 'I Can't Take It' Lyric Video

When he isn't handing out Doritos Locos Tacos to random strangers on the street to promote 'DJ Awareness,' whatever that means, or racking up over $5000 in hotel damages with Adventure Club, Dillon Francis is (surprisingly) an incredible and diverse producer. His debut album Money Sucks, Friends Rule is quickly shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year with a massive list of collaborators like DJ Snake, Chain Gang of 1974, Martin Garrix, Twista, Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie, The Presets and MajorLazer!

#TBT Playlist: 2012

Though 2012 may not seem that long ago, it was definitely an incredible year in music! From the release of Zedd's debut album, Clarity, which instantly shot him into superstardom, to Porter Robinson and Mat Zo's epic collaboration, 'Easy,' we present our 2012 #TBT playlist to showcase some of our favorite tracks from two years ago.

1. Madeon - Finale

2. Runaway (Kanye West Cover) - Oberhofer [FREE DOWNLOAD]

3. Sleep Alone - Two Door Cinema Club

4. Shave It Up - Zedd

Exclusive Interview with Les Professionnels!

Les Professionnels have been keeping busy these past few months. After signing with Nervous Records, and releasing the Pure Love (Endless Love) EP, where they got the chance to put their own deep house spin on Crystal Water's 90's hit '100% Pure Love,' the Philadelphia trio are back on a brand new record label, RISLabs, with a brand new EP! Check out our interview with Les Professionnels below!

First off, how did you guys first get together to start producing music?
Well the funny thing about our origin is that we all grew up within 5 miles of one another in the metro-Philly area of South Jersey. Dan and Chris were friends from 1st grade through high school but kinda lost touch and I [Drew] never knew either of them until we started the group. About 4 summers ago, we all started hanging out at a local clothing store called Fresh Melt Water in the Northern Liberties section of Philly. Fresh Melt had their friends dj in-store events and eventually we all just overlapped at some point. We spoke about the music we were listening to and it just seemed natural to get together and try to make some tunes. We knew pretty quickly that we all had different talents to bring to the table when it came to making music. It felt kinda like Voltron powering up.

Where did the name Les Professionnels come from?
The name Les Professionnels really comes from paying tribute to french house music that shaped our musical tastes. Daft Punk, Mehdi, Justice, Sebastian Tellier, Breakbot and Air all played an important role in why we dig this music so much. There is an Air song called Les Professionnels so it just jumped out at us. It isn't the easiest thing to spell but we've never really had the intention of changing it. People call us Les Prof for short.

Talk to us about your upcoming release 'Don't Give It Away' and about becoming a part of RISLabs.
The single 'Don't Give It Away' is an important song for us in a lot of ways. It's an epic piece of music that defines how we've matured both as producers and as a collective artist. We come from a city that is rich in musical history. Philly International Records, The Roots, King Britt, Josh Wink and many more people have served as the forefathers of the scene here. 'Don't Give It Away' is our reflection of the disco and house influences that Philly has offered up to the world's dance music scene.
As for the RIS family, it's been really amazing so far. We were introduced to the RIS Labs label from a few LA hangs with Eric Sharp and Sean Patrick. They told us their goal was to create a musical environment with the highest quality music from quality people. Both these guys have a serious passion for dance and electronic music. It was easy to want to work with them and put our release together. Everything about the release has been done with the intention of getting the world to hear this music and we are really excited about that. RIS wants to be a collective force and you'll be seeing a bunch of collaborations from artists on the label. We could go on and on about this but we'll just let the music speak for us when it drops.

Pure Love (Endless Love) actually just came out fairly recently! What made you guys want to take on this iconic song from the 90's?
Yes, it just dropped on Nurvous Records a few weeks ago and we are getting amazing responses to that one. In terms of origin, we are always throwing curve balls at our crowds when we dj. It was kind of an experiment when we played the original by Crystal Waters at a party in Philly like a year ago. It is cliche to say but Disclosure was just starting to pop and 90's house music was becoming super-duper popular again and getting airplay. Also, jock jams were everywhere at all the underground spots in Philly. It was kind of a "look what I found on an unmarked cd in my basement" vibe in in our city for like 6 months....straight Haddaway lol. Anyway we played 100% Pure Love to a packed floor and the place almost exploded. We decided to try to sample the original song in a very formal kind of way and then slowly started pulling the samples out until we basically just used Crystal's vocals and had a brand new house jam with a jackin swing to it. Nurvous signing the record was like a dream come true because we respect the hell out of their catalog of music. It was definitely destined for a release with them and couldn't see that song with any other home.

You guys make really interesting and unique music that's sort of all over the musical spectrum, but it seems like nowadays all the really popular electronic songs seem to all follow the same patterns, and the same structures. Do you guys find it difficult to produce music and while staying true to yourselves and your sound in today's musical environment?
We know what you mean about this "format" you speak of but we've never really been influenced by that or tried to assimilate to it so we could get mad popular. It isn't hard to stay true to yourself if you just focus on making the music that you enjoy. That's kind of always been our mantra. Every accomplished artist or producer basically has the same story where they kept making their music and eventually the rest of the world caught up to how good it is. We're trying to stay on that arduous production path because we want to be really amazing at making our music not just decent at trying to make someone else's.
Who would you say are some of your biggest musical inspirations?
Giorgio Moroder, Serge Gainsbourg, David Byrne, Massive Attack, Daft Punk, Quincy Jones, Brian Eno, Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles and anyone else who made their music meticulously, unapologetically and with love. We'd also like to add birds, trees, coffee, the movie Hackers, egg rolls and pizza to the list.
And finally, who would your dream collaboration be with?
We could probably talk about this one all day but we'd love to get in the studio and make something with James Murphy, Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Tim Goldsworthy, Basement Jaxx, Nile Rodgers, Joe Goddard and a few other people all in one room. At the same time. Seriously. We'll have our people tweet at their people or send a carrier pigeon or whatever.
Check out Pure Love (Endless Love) below and then head over to Beatport to get your hands on a copy!