Stream Lemaitre's Singularity EP Today!

Even though the follow up to their Relativity releases is due out tomorrow, July 22nd, on Astralwerks, another day, and Lemaitre might have died from waiting so long to let people hear their brand new Singularity EP in its entirety, which is why the Norwegian duo decided to let fans stream the EP today via VICE/Thump.

Jay Z's Most Memorable Reasonable Doubt Verses

It has been 18 years since the release of Jay Z's debut album, Reasonable Doubt. The birth of the cinematic mafioso themed hip hop classic (1996) about competition, power and the need for materialistic riches made it desirable for former drug dealers with extraordinary rap talent to talk about their ambition as hustlers and their blueprint to rise to the top using the same mafioso influenced theme. Noted as one of the best albums of rap music’s second golden era, Reasonable Doubt anointed the now multi-platinum mogul as a promising emcee whose narrative approach maneuvered seamlessly between the dialogue of a mob boss from a gangster movie and, a drug peddler from Marcy projects, with a smooth, confident delivery flow, complicated metaphors and double entendres. Jigga's ability to produce a polished lyrical manuscript of his own mini movie placed the LP in a class by itself with all respect and recognition given to influences of Cristal wishes and bling heard on the late Notorious B.I.G’s (who’s also featured on RD), Ready to Die LP, which was released two years prior to RD. Jay Z enlisted other artists including, Mary J Blige, Memphis Bleek and Foxy Brown as well as DJs Ski, Premiere, Knobody and Clark Kent to feature on the album. Despite positive reception received upon its release, RD did not achieve platinum success until February of 2002 following its reissue in January of 1999. For all the Jay Z fans who purchased RD at now defunct music stores like The Wiz and Beat Street to everyone else who has grown to love Mr. Carter’s music over the years; here’s’s list of Jay Z's most memorable Reasonable Doubt verses.

BREAKING BAND That dress though!
Live Review: Daniella Mason at Brooklyn Bowl's "School Night"

Nashville came to NYC this week at the Brooklyn Bowl's "School Night," where southern songstress Daniella Mason serenaded New Yorkers with her first-ever Brooklyn show! Mason recently opened for Demi Lovato after her song, “All I Want” was tweeted by the pop star, taking it viral. Since then, Mason has been working on new material for her upcoming EP, and as luck would have it, she brought it to Brooklyn! Decked in a short gold-sequined dress with some plain white sneakers for a touch of Brooklyn chic, Mason's set kicked off with "Technicolor," a loungey, easygoing tune about a love so great that it fills all voids. "Your touch is like a stroke of B.I.G. to his flow, flow..." Daniella crooned, attracting the growing crowd’s attention with her silky-smooth vocals. When previously asked about "Technicolor," Mason explained that it was written with her husband Chris, about her husband Chris (who also plays guitar in her band). It was all very sweet, as the two often stole reassuring glances from one another. Mason's newest single, "Shade Of You," which is currently climbing the iTunes Alternative charts, was next. The crowd perked up at the dreamy track, clearly impressed as her voice soared over the band’s explosive instrumental chorus, "So I'll dive in, cause that's just what I do and turn right into just another shade of you..." Scattered murmurs of "damn!" and "oh wow...she's really good!" came from a thoroughly impressed audience. Mason & Co. manifestly felt the positive energy - they beamed perceptibly. The eery, stark track, "The Water" followed, along with the insistent, no-nonsense "It's Not Up To You," where Mason demands to be in control of her own life. "All I Want" heard shouts of encouragement throughout the crowd, as she wailed, "All I want is you tonight, all I want is you tonight..." before berating her synths into providing the perfect quixotic effect for the haunting tune. The enthusiastic applause that followed prodded a megawatt smile from the singer. Mason was seemingly ever-so-slightly ambivalent about playing a NYC crowd. "This is our first show in Brooklyn. You guys are pretty rad so far!" she teased. She and her band then rapped up their set with the energetic "Cover The Earth," which also was well received. Mason encouraged the newly smitten crowd to come by and say “Hi” after her set. She then said a quick thank you, and exited the her fans excitedly lined up to meet her. Well done Daniella Mason...New York loves you!
Tritonal Announce Release Date And Tracklist For Third Metamorphic EP

On September 15th, Tritonal's three EP Metamorphic series will finally reach its end. Metamorphic III has been in the making for over a year, and though the video preview only gives a very small glance at the three tracks on the EP, that's more than enough to get psyched for what's sure to be an incredible finale to the highly praised venture.

The first single off of the EP, 'Satellite' featuring John Mendelsohn will be the primary release, coming out exclusively on Beatport on August 4th. Following that will be 'Anchor' on September 1st. Rounding out the trilogy will be 'Seraphic,' a collaboration with Mr. Fijiwiji, and probably the most versatile track in the entire series, which will come out alongside the entire Metamorphic III EP on September 15th.

DJ Mag Top 100 DJ Poll 2014 Voting Now Open

Music fans, on your mark, get ready, and go!

The 21st Annual DJ Mag TOP 100 DJ’s Poll is officially in action! Hardwell landed the top spot in 2013, with Armin van Buuren falling in at #2, but that could all change this year. The Top 100 DJ Awards ceremony will be held on October 18th at the Amsterdam Music Festival, allowing fans from all over the chance to witness the crowning of the world’s Top 100 DJ’s. The voting period is running from July 12th to the 15th of September, so make sure you ready-- your vote might play role bigger than you think in deciding the winner of the 2014 Top 100 DJ poll.

Interview: Infected Mushroom

Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani were just two guys looking to make a name for themselves when Infected Mushroom originally began overrunning the electronic music scene. Eight albums, numerous EPs, singles, and a fully-grown sub-genre later, there is FungusAmongUs everywhere. With their most recent releases, Army of Mushrooms and Friends on Mushrooms, Vol 3, it pretty much impossible to find anyone who doesn't have at least a little bit of Infected Mushroom's signature sounding fungus in their ears, and we don't mean that literally because real mushroom are for eating, not hearing.

The Kooks Announce Additional US Tour Dates

With the September 1st release of their album, Listen, slowly approaching, The Kooks have announced a new list of concerts, kicking off on September 24th in Santa Ana, California and stopping in eleven different cities before ending with Huntington, New York on October 9th.

Listen will be The Kooks' first proper album since Junk of the Heart released three years ago in 2011, and is already shaping up to be one of their most diverse bodies of work yet. "To me this album is about pure expression," said lead singer Luke Pritchard. "Rather than us just being a band in a room, playing our guitars with the vocal over the top, which is what we'd always done before, we were really listening to what was going on around us, picking up ideas. The whole thing was much more natural."

Welcome To Alesso's "New Era"

If you're like us, then you've been religiously following that intriguing new mystery sound Alesso has been implementing in most of his sets for the past few months, intrigued and curious. Playing the song all over the country, from his Ultra Music Festival set in March, to the widely streamed Coachella set in April, and then again at his mainstage EDC Las Vegas performance a few weeks ago, Alesso has finally put an end to the teasing and has announced his newest track, 'Tear The Roof Up.'

With a world premiere by BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe earlier this week, 'Tear The Roof Up' is a grittier, more aggressive electro house style we would have never expected to come from the traditionally progressive house producer. Though previously we've only been given a very small window into Alesso's darker side, through singles like 'Raise Your Head' and 'Clash', 'Tear The Roof Up' is completely unlike anything Alesso has ever put out before, and we are absolutely loving the change.

Simply put by Alesso: "Tear The Roof Up. The beginning of a whole new era for me. New label. New records. Welcome!"

FREE DOWNLOAD: Callie Huber's New Track, "Dry"

Kids these days - not even out of college yet, and already breaking into the professional circuit! Berklee College songstress Callie Huber is your typical over-achieving music student, with a new, just-released Rabitt-produced single, "Dry," that will have you hooked from the very first note.

Julian Jordan's Slenderman Out Now!

Julian Jordan has certainly made a name for himself in the electronic dance music world. At the incredibly young age of eighteen, he has performed at venues and festivals over the globe (while still being too young to legally enter them), hosted his own radio show, and even collaborated with Sander van Doorn. Jordan's most recent song is just another tune in his latest series of interesting releases. 'Slenderman' is an eery electro house track that definitely reflects its haunting title. Though we're still very far away from Halloween, you'll be sure to hear the song in sets throughout the rest of the summer.

Stream the preview and then buy the full track out on iTunes!

New Clockwork Song Out July 29th

Last week Henry Steinway gave RL Grime fans reason to celebrate when he announced his plans for a debut album, and a release date for his first single off the album.

Just one day after unleashing 'Core,' complete with an ominous and futuristic music video, Henry Steinway is back once again, but this time with his other project Clockwork. Taking a complete 360 from the heavy, mischievous sounding trap song that is 'Core,' 'Signals' is a big room track, with a melodic piano buildup and entrancing vocals from Taylr Renee. Although the preview is woefully short, it's definitely just enough to get us expecting big things from both Clockwork and RL Grime in the future.