Purgatory has taken the every day club experience and revamped it to give guests a total thrill. Located in Fort Lauderdale between Heaven and Hell, Purgatory hosts an array of Gay and Lesbian events ranging from creative bondage to fetish parties. Partygoers never know what to expect when they visit Purgatory, but they are sure to remember where they were when it happened.

The atmosphere at Purgatory contains an element of mystery that guests can't quite put their finger on. Because there are surprises abound, guests are constantly amazed and astonished by the devilish deeds that go down around around every corner. It's dark and mischievous, exciting and enchanting, not quite Heaven, not quite Hell.

Food & Drink

Enjoy the enormous bar at Purgatory, fully stocked with top shelf liquor, or give yourself the V.I.P. treatment with the wide variety of bottle service specials that Purgatory offers its guests. And don't worry about missing all the action, because the V.I.P. area is situated at the front of the main room, overlooking the entire club.

Type of Place


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