First World Problems and the Gadgest that Fix Them

The Snuggie

Problem: You're cold while watching TV, but if you just drape yourself with a blanket, your arms won't be covered when you reach for the remote or bucket of popcorn!

Solution: The Snuggie, the blanket with sleeves! No longer worry about any body part (except your hands) being cold while you relax on your La-Z-Boy, and don't worry about struggling to hold things while your arms stay under the blanket! Also look stylish in the privacy of your own living room with a collection of different styles, like evening gown or tuxedo, male or female bathing suits, or an array of solid colors!

Make Beer Pong Cleaner with the Clean Cup

It's like a rite of passage to play at least one game of beer pong during your college days. The most avid partygoers know the struggle of having to set up the table outside in the yard, where stray ping pong balls end up covered in grass, dirt and other unknown substances from the ground.

No one wants to chug a beer that has bits of grass and dirt in it. The solution has been to have a "water cup," simply a cup full of water that you rinse the ball off in before taking your next shot into a cup of beer. But how well does this really work? If you keep dipping a ball into the same cup of increasingly dirty water, eventually the quality of your Natty will deteriorate even further.

The Newest Sports Drinks You Haven't Heard of Yet, But Need to Try!

Within the past few months, new sports drinks have been released on the market that are endorsed by athletes all over the country. If you're tired of plain ol' Gatorade, give these new drinks a try and see if they work better for you!

SOS Rehydrate

SOS Rehydrate is a new electrolyte replacement hydration drink. It helps increase hydration, focus, stamina and physical performance. It is a rehydration drink for those with active lifestyles, but is also recommended for those suffering from dehydration, like before and after going out for a night on the town. Made in the US, it is vegan friendly and gluten free! It was engineered by a leading doctor, two former elite athletes and a retired military medical officer.

Talk and Text in Style with the Most Innovative Phone Cases

Stash iPhone 5/5S Wallet Case

This "stash" case has an extra pocket added on the back that makes a convenient wallet. The MarBlue case comes in either pink, red, purple or black. It securely stores up to three credit cards or IDs, and can probably fit some folded bills in there too. Plus, you can stick the back of a card into that side slot to use as a kickstand for either portrait or landscape orientation for your phone! However, we would recommend using something a little less valuable than a credit card for that feature.

Useful Nightlife Apps You Need to Download

LiveHotSpot NYC

LiveHotSpot NYC is an app that provides you with up-to-the-minute details about New York's nightlife. Check out what's going on in the bars and clubs around you, searching specifically by nightclub or neighborhood!

It arms you with real-time updates on all the factors that can make or break your night, including wait times, girl-to-guy ratios, cover charges, celebrity appearances, drink promotions, music genre and more. It tells you which places have exclusive drink specials going on and which have a DJ or a live show playing. It also provides you with ticket and event information up to months in advance.

Move Over Six Californias, Here Come Six New Yorks

As you might have already heard, there was a new proposal in California to carve the state into six different states. The idea is to satisfy a variety of political issues that come up with such a huge state, but it seems pretty unlikely. Nonetheless, the idea got us thinking, so here are the six states we'd carve out of New York.

1. New Amsterdam (current Times Square)

Okay, hear us out. Yes, Times Square is the worst. It's basically a red light district for Midwestern families. But imagine if those hyper-capitalists got to set their own rules? This state would make Amsterdam look like Singapore.

Re-evaluating Your Circle

Although possibly a bit cliché, it is a universally acknowledged gospel that each and every circle of friends, or clique, rather, presents a uniform structure of assigned social roles.

No matter how diverse your circle is, it necessary and wise to keep certain positions filled for various reasons. If you happen to lack a certain role, it may be time to reevaluate and search for some new crew members.

The Optimist/Motivator

For those nights when you feel like your back’s against the wall and you can’t go on any further, this friend is there to give you that extra push. They’re always there with words of encouragement, even when you least expect it. Got a new job?

Self-Serve Beer Vending Machines Have Arrived

We're catching up to the future at a rapid pace. Check this out: self-serving beer vending machines. You read that right.

Introducing DraftServ, the system that will dispense your favorite beer at the touch of a button. The machines can be "dropped in" to any venue, making it easier for larger places like stadiums (it's coming to MLB!) to efficiently serve beer. Currently, beer prices and the wait time of concession lines are going through the roof. Although this technology doesn't look like it may necessarily lower the price of beer, it will definitely lower the wait time for a beer. DraftServ also plans for the machine to regulate alcohol consumption and give attendees more choices of what to drink.

The Coolest Grills for your Fourth of July BBQ

Spaceship Fire Pit by Gator Pit of Texas: $55,000

"My intent to show is that Gator Pit can design and construct a smoker or grill to fit your wants and needs no matter what," says Ritch Robin, president of Gator Pit of Texas. The founder of the trophy-winning custom pits company built his first pit at 14 and now has a TV show, "King of the Grill," airing on Discovery Channel. This spaceship grill, built custom for a new craft beer company, has two beer taps on one wing, several cooking chambers, and even shoots fire from the end like a real spaceship in takeoff.


Perfectly Preserve Your Wine!

After a girl’s night in with your BFFs, it may be unheard of to have a bottle of wine leftover. But just in case no one wanted just one more class of Cab, you won't have to worry about the bottle going bad in between get-togethers, with just the touch of a button—no pumping required.

Thanks to the new Rabbit Electric Wine Preserver, you never have to worry about your wine expiring again. This is the easiest device one could dream of using in the process of preserving wine.

LIFESTYLE's 10 Summer Essentials

Scott Disick, best known for shtupping The One That Isn't Kim Kardashian (no, not Khloe), recently released his list of summer essentials. Disick's list included a Rolex, a white "summer Lamborghini" (which obviously one must stop driving after Labor Day), and other luxury goods, totaling $450,000. But his list, while respectable, felt a little incomplete. Here's our rundown of the ten goods that are absolutely necessary this summer.

And if you're a bit worried about the price, don't be: trust us and Scott Disick. These aren't luxuries, they're essentials. Throw the sunscreen, Nalgene, and reasonably priced jorts, because this summer you're keeping up with the Kardashians.