What to do When You Can't Escape Your Ex

While this may not apply to you now, it may one day so read on. Some are lucky enough to rid of exes as quickly as the sunsets. Others aren't so lucky. While it may seem like the easiest solution would be to pack up and move to a brand new city and try to forget the disaster of a relationship never hand, that's just not always plausible. However, if it is, you might want to try that.

1. Friend of a friend – We thought we should start with the most obvious way that exes seem to stay around. It was convenient when you were dating; group outings and double dates are always a good time. However, now that you can’t stand to look your stupid ex in the face, it’s slightly difficult to make plans with certain friends because they reek of ex girlfriend/boyfriend. All their stories are littered with your old beau and you just want them to end that friendship. Unfortunately, the only escape from this is ending a friendship, or “accidentally” saying something that ends the relationship between your friend and your ex.

Foodie Meets Techie With The Best And Worst Food Apps

Remember that saying “There’s an app for that”? Since apps have become such a huge part of everyday life, the phrase really does have a lot of truth behind it. Considering just how diverse the spectrum is, we decided to dive into the market and dig up the best and worst apps designed for some of our favorite people: foodies. Of course, forget about Yelp and OpenTable — those are givens. Instead, let’s focus on the smaller apps that will have you either downloading them immediately or scratching your head wondering why they exist in the first place

The Art of Emoji Flirting, A User's Manual and Pro Tips

Thanks to the rapid rise of the ever so popular emoji, we no longer have to verbalize our emotions when communicating. That's right, our phones now come equipped with facial expressions to use in place of actual words, because expressing yourself is just so hard. When trying to convey flirtatious messages to the opposite sex, these come in handy. Follow our simple guide to proper emoji usage for flirtatious text messaging.

Heart eyes. Let’s start with the obvious. This emoji transcends all virtual interaction. From Instagram, to Twitter, to the messages in your inbox, this is a universal “I’m attracted” emoji. In case you were somehow clueless, if you are presented with this emoji, somebody is interested. For those who like to send these, calm down. No need to throw the heart eyes out to everybody, or constantly use them. We get it, you like what you see. While emojis are fun, let’s practice using our words sometimes too, ok?

TECH Karma Go
Take Your Internet Everywhere With Karma Go

We've all had at least one nightmare of an experience in which our internet suddenly slipped from our needy hands, and in this day and age, who can truly live without internet? To prevent this problem, starting today, the Karma Go will make sure that no work goes undone, and that no videos go unwatched. The affordable, contract-free device gives you access to LTE speed connectivity wherever you go, and best of all your data never expires. Whether you need internet for a road trip or a business trip with shoddy, or worst of all, no internet access, Karma Go has your back, and whatever data goes unused will be saved for your next journey.

Hangover Cures Done Right

The worst part of that awesome night out you have planned is the inevitable hangover you'll have in the morning (or afternoon, whenever you actually wake up). We know you want to match your friends shot for shot, but not everyone likes to deal with sunlight or noise of any kind the next day. Take a few of our precautions and avoid the hangover altogether, or try a few of these options to quickly cure your pounding headache.

Avoid the Hangover Before Drinking:

Never Hungover

Here's the best medicinal cure for a hangover that you've never heard of. Never Hungover is a dietary supplement you drink before going out, and miraculously keeps you from being hungover the next day! The secret formula works by neutralizing and processing the dangerous toxins created by alcohol in the liver and kidneys by turning them into acetic acids, which are then flushed out of the body, drastically reducing the chance of a hangover.

Virtual Reality Helmets Make Everything Better

Let’s be honest. Not everybody can afford the lavish luxuries of flying first class. For us average folks who are confined to the prisons of economy-class seating, there is finally a solution to the drab, close-fitting, seats we are forced to sit in for hours.

Airbus has blessed the world with helmets that allow us to virtually erase our surroundings while airborne. The helmet has the ability to provide music, movies, or handle business with the virtual keyboard that appears on the tray in front of you.

The idea is still in the preliminary stages, but it is well on its way to being provided during air travel. Airplanes are a scary way to travel and people have been begging for a way to make them easier and less stressful. From the cramped seats to the uncomfortably quick ascent into the air, planes are the fastest way to reach a destination but amongst the most inconvenient.

No Sleep? No Problem.

Dealing with the stress of everyday life can take a toll. No worries! Technology is catching up to us and provided us with some pretty cool bracelets to help you relax—or just look cool on your arm.

Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet

So you've had your rush during the dayyou're finally in bed after the stress of another runway, lots of running around, and multiple cups of coffee. But can't sleep with the leftovers of your caffeine buzz? Try on the Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet.

This bracelet uses the same Natural Frequency Technology as the Horizon bracelet, but this time to help you improve the quality of sleep. It's designed and developed for nighttime wear. Wearers of the bracelet report falling asleep faster, sleeping more deeply and waking up feeling more refreshed! It's also very fashion-forward, available in several colors, as well as being engineered for total comfort with an ultra-soft, hypoallergenic, micro-fiber band dotted with perforated holes to allow the skin the breathe throughout the night. The bands are even interchangeable to change the colors!

It's That Time of Year When All Anyone Wants to Talk About is Apple

Well folks it’s about that time. For you Apple fanatics, we know you’ve been itching for the latest release and it has finally come! Apple has recently announced features and release dates for their newest products: the iPhone 6 and6 plus..

Apple is offering two renditions of the 6th installment in the iPhone legacy, the 6 and the 6 plus. The most elementary difference is the size. The iPhone 6 plus is not only bigger than the previous iPhone, but it also makes the Samsung Galaxy look like rather tiny in comparison.

They have adjusted simple issues, such as moving the sleep switch to the right side to make it more easily accessible or allowing the home screen to rotate as well. Although they are making the phone bigger, the features associated with it still allow it to work as well as a small phone. For example, apps at the top of the rather large screen become accessible with a simple touch of the home button. They instantly slide down to be reached by your thumb.

#TBT: Top 5 Gadgets of the 90's


Before the cell phone, if you wanted to reach somebody while they were mobile, you were forced to call the number to their pager and wait for what seemed like forever for them to call you back. If you wanted them to put a little pep in their step, you could always type a “911” at the end of the number to promote urgency. That, or train an owl to deliver your messages. Sounds archaic, right? Well this is how things were once upon a time.


The electronic gaming system before Nintendo dominating the toy stores. The handheld digital pet that could somehow keep kids entertained for hours. With only 3 small buttons, the choices were not as extensive as one would think. However, children remained amused as they struggled to keep their electronic animals alive.

New Nail Polish Can Help Detect Date Rape Drugs

For a woman in today’s society, you can never be too careful. How many times have you heard “don’t leave your drink unattended” or “don’t let a stranger make you a drink”? Well, this is because of the use of date rape drugs, like roofies, GHB, and Xanax. These drugs are often slipped into unsuspected females’ drinks and it puts them in a position in which they are unable to defend themselves. The odorless, tasteless drugs are impossible to detect, until now.

Four college students from North Carolina have invented a nail polish that has the ability to detect these practically undetectable drugs. The polish will change color when it makes contact with any of the “date rape” drugs. With a subtle swirl of your finger you can find out if your drink is safe or not.

Stop Focusing at Work and Look at Some Really Cute Dogs