5 Things Not to Post on Social Media After Your Break-Up

You’ve just broken up with THE ONE. Now what? With social media ruling the world, we know you want to take your emotional thoughts to twitter, and showcase you post-break up life on Instagram. Well, before you start posting selfies, take a look at the 5 things you probably shouldn’t post off bat.

1. The Quote – this might be the worst, so we will start here. Whether you Google an image of a heartfelt quote from The Notebook with a beautiful ocean in the background, or you decide to be slightly innovative and type up your own quote in the “notes” section of you iPhone, it doesn’t matter. We can assure you, we don’t care. “As long as I tried, that’s what matters.” A break up is a private happening and doesn’t need to be shared with the world. (Unless you are Beyonce, then you can disregard this entire list.) Therefore, the subtle words of finalization are much less subtle than you think and they are simply a way to open the doors and invite people into your personal life.

The Best Invention to Have Ever Been Invented Now Exists

Many people face the terrible struggle every morning of waking up. Thousands find themselves hitting "snooze" several (dozen) times. Luckily for everyone who faces this struggle, your life is about to get much better thanks to a U.K. industrial designing genius.

Joshua Renouf has developed what he calls "The Barisieur," which is basically a coffeemaker alarm clock. All you have to do is set an alarm, like usual, and when your alarm goes off in the morning, there will be a hot cup of coffee sitting next to your bed. How futuristic.

Disney Planning to Build Star Wars Themed Attractions

The happiest place on Earth just might become the happiest place in the galaxy soon!

SInce their aquisition of the Star Wars franchise, Disney has spoken in vague terms about wanting to build Star Wars-themed attractions in Disney parks. Now, Disney CEO Bob Iger has made the official announcement that Star Wars Land is real, and it's happening soon. They plan to "grow 'Star Wars' ' presence... significantly," which is great news for all ferverent fans.

TECH Solidoodle Press
Solidoodle Launches 3D Printer For Under $600

Many of us have heard about 3D printers and all of the cool things they can make--from furniture, to toys, even to healthcare goods, the potential seems limitless. And yet the astronomical price of the printers have limited the accessibility for many, slowing down the cool ideas that the printers can create. However, starting today (August 5th), that tide is turning, as NYC-based company, Solidoodle, has launched their very own 3D printer for under $600.

The company has taken the complexity out of 3D printing, making it easier than ever for anyone to create as their heart’s desire, and at a price point of $599 ($349 for limited quantity presale), many people can now, finally, afford to have their very own machine in their home. It is also important to note that this is not a Kickstarter project, as the new Solidoodle lineup of 3D printers is available for purchase immediately.

Hangover Cures Done Right

The worst part of that awesome night out you have planned is the inevitable hangover you'll have in the morning (or afternoon, whenever you actually wake up). We know you want to match your friends shot for shot, but not everyone likes to deal with sunlight or noise of any kind the next day. Take a few of our precautions and avoid the hangover altogether, or try a few of these options to quickly cure your pounding headache.

Avoid the Hangover Before Drinking:

Never Hungover

Here's the best medicinal cure for a hangover that you've never heard of. Never Hungover is a dietary supplement you drink before going out, and miraculously keeps you from being hungover the next day! The secret formula works by neutralizing and processing the dangerous toxins created by alcohol in the liver and kidneys by turning them into acetic acids, which are then flushed out of the body, drastically reducing the chance of a hangover.

First World Problems and the Gadgets that Fix Them

The Snuggie

Problem: You're cold while watching TV, but if you just drape yourself with a blanket, your arms won't be covered when you reach for the remote or bucket of popcorn!

Solution: The Snuggie, the blanket with sleeves! No longer worry about any body part (except your hands) being cold while you relax on your La-Z-Boy, and don't worry about struggling to hold things while your arms stay under the blanket! Also look stylish in the privacy of your own living room with a collection of different styles, like evening gown or tuxedo, male or female bathing suits, or an array of solid colors!

Make Beer Pong Cleaner with the Clean Cup

It's like a rite of passage to play at least one game of beer pong during your college days. The most avid partygoers know the struggle of having to set up the table outside in the yard, where stray ping pong balls end up covered in grass, dirt and other unknown substances from the ground.

No one wants to chug a beer that has bits of grass and dirt in it. The solution has been to have a "water cup," simply a cup full of water that you rinse the ball off in before taking your next shot into a cup of beer. But how well does this really work? If you keep dipping a ball into the same cup of increasingly dirty water, eventually the quality of your Natty will deteriorate even further.

The Newest Sports Drinks You Haven't Heard of Yet, But Need to Try!

Within the past few months, new sports drinks have been released on the market that are endorsed by athletes all over the country. If you're tired of plain ol' Gatorade, give these new drinks a try and see if they work better for you!

SOS Rehydrate

SOS Rehydrate is a new electrolyte replacement hydration drink. It helps increase hydration, focus, stamina and physical performance. It is a rehydration drink for those with active lifestyles, but is also recommended for those suffering from dehydration, like before and after going out for a night on the town. Made in the US, it is vegan friendly and gluten free! It was engineered by a leading doctor, two former elite athletes and a retired military medical officer.

Talk and Text in Style with the Most Innovative Phone Cases

Stash iPhone 5/5S Wallet Case

This "stash" case has an extra pocket added on the back that makes a convenient wallet. The MarBlue case comes in either pink, red, purple or black. It securely stores up to three credit cards or IDs, and can probably fit some folded bills in there too. Plus, you can stick the back of a card into that side slot to use as a kickstand for either portrait or landscape orientation for your phone! However, we would recommend using something a little less valuable than a credit card for that feature.

Useful Nightlife Apps You Need to Download

LiveHotSpot NYC

LiveHotSpot NYC is an app that provides you with up-to-the-minute details about New York's nightlife. Check out what's going on in the bars and clubs around you, searching specifically by nightclub or neighborhood!

It arms you with real-time updates on all the factors that can make or break your night, including wait times, girl-to-guy ratios, cover charges, celebrity appearances, drink promotions, music genre and more. It tells you which places have exclusive drink specials going on and which have a DJ or a live show playing. It also provides you with ticket and event information up to months in advance.

Move Over Six Californias, Here Come Six New Yorks

As you might have already heard, there was a new proposal in California to carve the state into six different states. The idea is to satisfy a variety of political issues that come up with such a huge state, but it seems pretty unlikely. Nonetheless, the idea got us thinking, so here are the six states we'd carve out of New York.

1. New Amsterdam (current Times Square)

Okay, hear us out. Yes, Times Square is the worst. It's basically a red light district for Midwestern families. But imagine if those hyper-capitalists got to set their own rules? This state would make Amsterdam look like Singapore.