Get Shamrocked with the St. Patrick's Day Bar Crawl

It's almost that time of the year again when you can drink and rage in the name of everything Irish. And with the annual Saint Patrick's Day Bar Crawl celebration, you can do that all over your jolly city. Yes, it's time to Shamrock.

Between 12 and 7 pm on Saturday, March 14th, grab your crew and head on over to the check-in bar/venue in your city - click here to see participating cities - and register for your Barcrawls.com wrist band, cup, and tour map. (Don't forget to grab a beer too to get the party started).

Feeling Inspired: Roee and Yael Carmel Chat With Joonbug.com About the Evolution of the I Feel Experience

Founded and produced by Roee and Yael Carmel of Carmel Productions, the I Feel Experience was conceived with the notion to offer artistic New Yorker’s an outlet for expression, creativity, and dance-- a place where they could go to immerse themselves in a world free of judgment. For you see, for those that attend these gatherings, I Feel is not just a party—it’s an escape into a world filled with love, brotherhood, and above all, acceptance. I Feel applauds the individual, celebrates their unique gifts, and champions their artistic mind. I Feel is a community where we can at last truly feel free.Back in 2012, creative, uninhibited New Yorker’s seeking to join a community of like minded individuals came together at an intimate venue in the East Village each Friday to emerge themselves in a gathering of self-expression and dance. The beginning of what would soon evolve into one New York City’s most beloved underground parties, these Friday night celebrations were referred to as “I Feel Friday.”

Super Bowl Pick: Bounce Sporting Club’s Annual Super Sunday Funday at Calico Jack’s Glendale

It’s finally that time of year again, when the great American institution known as football comes alive, and millions of Americans gather around their televisions with chicken wings in their mouth and beers in their hands to cheer, laugh and cry with their teams, families, and buddies. Yes, It is the Super Bowl.

But if you’re looking for a rager to celebrate this awesome tradition and happen to be in the most exciting state on Sunday (yes, Arizona), you’ll want to check out Bounce Sporting Club’s Annual Super Sunday Funday at Calico Jack’s Glendale instead of staying on your couch.

I Feel...Sin City Awakened Our Inner Exotic and Dormant Dominatrix Tendencies

Story by Peter Nesbitt

Carmel Productions' monthly costume party, of which December’s theme was “Sin City,” set new standards for creative set design and interactive art installations. In the main room, corset-clad girls, with their just-purchased riding whips, playfully teased their leather-harnessed friends and acquaintances to the subtle beats of Pony and Naveen G. Overhead, a cage adorned with LED lights held two silver sirens as they seduced all who came near. And still more – on the back wall, a Saint Andrew Cross and an X-frame with handcuffs evoked dormant dominatrix tendencies while stripper poles encouraged guests to let their inner exotic go wild. I Feel…Sin City lived up to the creative energy and freedom that have defined the themed party since 2012, and served as a fond farewell to 2014’s final I Feel.

Meet Alex Carabaño, The Other Man Behind Latin Vegan Restaurant VSpot, and the Next Big Thing in Comedy

We've had a chance to catch up with quite a few of the headliners at this year's AMC 34's Best NYE Comedy Festival but so far, no where have we seen the curious combination of a restaurateur and a comic. Colombian funny man, Alex Carabaño is that cat who's balancing two different worlds. He initially entered the restaurant scene in 2006 when his brother Danny had the vision for V-Spot, the culmination of their cultural background with clean, vegan flavors.

While the Carabaño brothers successfully kicked off their culinary dream, Alex still had his heart set on comedy. In 2010, he set out to the mics and started making YouTube videos. As a one-man show with no agent or manager, Alex's talents and skills shone bright enough to get him on television; winning $1000 on BET’s season 2 of “Apollo Live” by performing a brief stand up comedy set, POPCORN FLIX (Live @ New York Comedy Club original series) performing a 10-minute uncensored stand up comedy set, and CBS’ series premiere of the reality show “The Job," to mention a few. Most popular for his role as "El Chefe" in his original YouTube webseries, "Pot & Pans - Pothead Cooking Show," Alex Carabaño has many more facets, characters and accents to his skill-set!

Our Official NYE Safety Guide

New Year's Eve is all about drinking, dancing, and living it up with your loved ones- we get it. But as much as we want you to have fun- we also want you to be safe! New Year's Eve can get hectic and the parties can get out of control, so here's a few tips to ensure that you have a fun filled but safe night!

1. Drink Responsibly

Alcohol is a guilty pleasure on New Year's Eve, whether it be the champagne toast at midnight or the vodka shots to celebrate the New Year. Remember to always drink responsibly. This means try to keep track of how many drinks you have so as no to overdue it. Don't mix too many different kinds of liquors. Tequila shot with a Jack Daniel's chaser... no thank you. And never leave your drinking down somewhere unattended. We like to see the best in people- but let's face it, there are still sketchy people out there. They say the creeps come out at night- especially New Year's Eve night.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT /home/skydata/media/blog/blog_article/27308/images/150x200/10156052620129904732912235841975n.jpg
Comedian Emma Willmann is Bound for World Domination

Hailing from a very small town in Maine (just 800 people), Emma Willmann moved to Boston to begin her stand-up journey, briging along her say-it-like-it-is comedic style, warm persona and an unmistakable edge. After establishing herself on the scene in New England, the roads led to New York City and here she's now with an impressive amount of feathers in her funny hat: headlining her own show at Carolines on Broadway, a familiar name in NYC's stand-up scene, appearing on national TV with AxisTV's Live at Gotham, Deadly Affairs and True Crime, being placed on the cover of TimeOutNY as one of the top 10 female comics in NYC and finally, (phew!), bringing in the New Year with fellow comics at AMC 34th Street at the Best NYE Comedy Festival.

Comedian Naomi Ekperigin Will be Welcoming in Her 'Year of More' at AMC 34th Street on NYE

Hailing from the big apple is the hilarious Naomi Ekperigin. We give her mad props for not letting anything (or anyone) get in her way from her true happiness. Growing up in Harlem and attending a private Upper East Side school has helped shape her life and career. She has become an expert at being able to make fun of any awkward or embarrassing situation, which everyone can relate to. We are so excited for Naomi to perform at our upcoming Best NYE Comedy Festival at AMC 34th Street. We had the pleasure of getting to know Naomi a little better and got to ask her a few questions about herself and what she has in store for our NYE party this year! See below:

Catching Up with Comedian Gibran Saleem

What happens when a Psychology grad student branches out into stand-up comedy? We found out when we got to chat with Gibran Saleem. Born in North Carolina and raised in Virginia, Gibran first made his move to NYC for grad school. Soon, he found himself in front of a crowd of people laughing with him and now he's featured on MTV Iggy, Popcorn Flix, a stand-up television debut on Gotham Comedy Live for AXSTV, he's headlined at New York Comedy Festival, Boston Comedy festival, Out of Bounds Festival (Austin, TX), Hoboken Comedy Festival, a webseries and, of course, he'll be bringing 2015 with thousands of people at this year's NYC Best Comedy Festival NYE at 34th Street!

Dance Your Way Into 2015 at The Hottest Clubs in Your City

Deciding what to do for New Years is really all a matter of preference. Everybody has that one friend who never goes out because they either spend it at home with their family, or have a bedtime of about 10pm no matter the occasion, and then they have those other friends who won't settle for anything less than a luxury rooftop with a view, even though it's the dead of winter and ain't nobody got time to be basking in bottle service after Christmas shopping. For those of you stuck somewhere in the middle between these two extremes, specifically the ones who want to enjoy the music just as much as the atmosphere, Joonbug.com has got your New Years Eve party solutions right here. You see, we are bringing you the hottest DJs at the hottest venues in your city.

Getting in the Ring with James L Mattern

As the host of Lust for Life and Get in the Ring, A Guns & Roses Appreciation Podcast, James Mattern has spent a lot of time speaking to as many interesting people as he can. But now, the tables are turned as the comedian opens up to Joonbug.com, giving us the deets on things from his appropriate rock and roll references to the most effective remedy for a sore throat. James has life advice to share, and an exciting plan for the future.