Columbus Day Regatta
Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at 11:35 AM | Norma Sepenuk
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  Being a Floridian, you already know that sailing comes with the territory. From luxury yachts to sailboats, boating is a part of life that we welcome with open sun-tanned arms. Maybe it’s our obsession with sun that makes sailing so glamorous but what could be more alluring than basting our butts on the hull of a yacht? Why, partying along the docks of Biscayne Bay for a two-day sailing extravaganza, of course. Join Bacardi in celebrating the Columbus Day Regatta.

This 57 year old tradition calls boat-lovers hailing from all over the world, for two entire days of yacht racing. While the courses are the same as last years, the regatta committee has revamped the experience with fun new raffle prizes like a weekend getaway at the Mutiny in Coconut Grove. But the sailors won’t be the only ones having fun. Exciting new venues like CRYC will be offering a Dockside BBQ at 1730 (5:30PM for all the yacht-novices) so be sure to make reservations in advance. If you’re interested in joining the regatta go here today, October 4th, for the last available entry.

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