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Miranda Peterson is bi-creative and splits her time between writing and graphic design. She has tried everything from triathlon to skydiving, although her favorite passtimes are currently beach volleyball and Pilates. She is an elite Yelper and is most often sighted at a spa, on the beach, or satisfying her sweet tooth.

FIRST COURSE Chef Bernie Matz @ Bernie's LA Cafe
Behind the Plate with Chef Bernie Matz

I arrived at the modest restaurant on Alton Road crammed between a Starbucks and a sushi place. Bernie's L.A. Cafe is pretty plain with the exception of colorful signage on the window, and a bright red tile wall, but edible treasures await for all who venture inside.

Bernie arrived wearing a casual gray t-shirt and immediately greeted me with a smile and a handshake. After a brief anecdote about Castro's Cuban takeover, his parents emigrating to Miami and his subsequent upbringing in a Cuban-Catholic neighborhood, we started to talk about his passion-turned-business. Matz said he's been cooking since he was a kid. His metaphorical bread and butter used to be a media company, which he says went downhill after 9/11. So, after that he went to culinary school. And hated it.

Miami's Super Hot Superbowl Spots

So the Dolphins didn't make it to the Superbowl this year (and haven't been there since 1985 - wow that's when I was born!) But, that shouldn't stop football fans from enjoying the action at several of our city's sports bars, hotels and clubs this Sunday.

Skybar at Shore Club invites guests to watch the Giants and Patriots go head-to-head Miami style with the ultimate poolside experience. Partygoers and football fans, alike, can watch the teams duke it out for the Lombardi Trophy while viewing the game on a Jumbo Sized Screen making you feel as if you were right there in the action. In true football fashion, Shore Club’s signature restaurant, Terrazza, will be serving up a poolside BBQ, as well as drink specials all night long. FOR RESERVATIONS PLEASE CALL 786.276.6772 or email
Game Viewing starts at 6pm. Pregame Pool Party starts at 1pm

Laughing with Comedian Tommy Davidson

Comedian Tommy Davidson doesn't discriminate. He'll find something funny in everyone and everything, from black people to white people to Obama and even dinosaurs. This comedy vet has been doing stand-up since the 80's and is widely known for his impersonations, made famous on In Living Color in the '90s. You can also catch him in chuckle-worthy flicks like Booty Call, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and Juwanna Mann.

Who were some of your comedy heroes growing up?
Richard Pryor number one. Bill Cosby. Eddie Murphy.

Jessica Chastain as the fire starter
Hollywood's Touch Of Evil

Last month, New York Times Magazine gathered the year's best film performers to create a short series of beautifully chilling videos directed by Alex Prager called A Touch Of Evil. Killers, crooks and crazies are just a few of the villianous archetypes that were selected and portrayed by our favorite actors. (Watch the whole series here.)

There's Brad Pitt as the madman, where he says he was channeling ‘‘Peter Lorre — with a dose of Kramer.’’ He was praised last year for Moneyball and The Tree of Life. Mia Wasikowska becomes and axe-weilding home wrecker reminiscent of The Shining. Her best performances include Albert Nobbs, Jane Eyre and Restless. Rooney Mara, leading "lady" in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, dresses as the sociopathic Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Gary Oldman imitates a creepy ventriloquist dummy in his spooky spot. Quite a different role from his performance in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

Mansion Gets A Multi-Million Dollar Makeover

It's the ultimate house party and it's our pleasure to introduce you to the new Mansion 360. The 40,000 square foot Miami mega-club was recently redesigned from floor to ceiling with unprecedented lighting and sound systems and an edgy new façade. The city of Miami Beach even declared Saturday, January 21st "Mansion Day" as the club reopened its doors to kick off a two day electro-fest deemed "Deadmau5 unhooked."

True to the new 360 concept, the DJ booth has been relocated to the center, promising guests a great performance no matter where they are on the dancefloor. Mansion goes beyond simple bottle service with the new VIP scene, complete with a full private bar with ample tables and seating, all in the shadow of world-renown DJs.

Wikipedia + The Web On Strike Today

Protesting is so 2011, but that doesn't stop Wikipedia from blacking out their entire English-language site today to protest two pieces of proposed US legislation. Sue Gardner, Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director posted an open letter to the public on Monday claiming that these laws "would seriously damage the free and open Internet, including Wikipedia."

The first is circulating around the House of Representatives and is called the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Basically, the goal of this bill is to restrict access to sites hosting pirated content and therefore decrease copyright infringement on the web. It's hard for US companies to target our favorite foreign sites that host illegal movies, tv shows and music. So, SOPA aims to discourage advertisers from placing ads on the sites as well as flag certain links so they don't appear in search engine results on sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Opponents of the bill say it's essentially promoting censorship and becomes a slippery slope if we free-speech-loving Americans are denied access to even a single site on the web.

5 Gadgets for the Single Cook's Kitchen

You're a young, busy, urban professional. Your time is precious, and you can't always afford to spend it in the kitchen. Take-out and Delivery get monotonous and the dollars quickly add up. Make these five products your go-to gadgets to expedite your culinary endeavors.

1. Magic Bullet Blender
Great for making single servings of any liquid. You can have smoothies in the morning and frozen cocktails in the evening when you're entertaining friends. Your Magic Bullet kit contains a high-torque power base, two blades, two cups, four lids and four party mugs with color-coded 'comfort lip rings' for instant sippage. There's also a cookbook of '10 second recipes' included for everything from soups to omelets. You can pick up a set at Bed, Bath & Beyond for around 50 bucks. (Note: I've had one for almost five years and it still runs like a champ.)

SCENETRACKER A Honey Shine 'fun raiser' event last year
Kreiss Grand Opening with Alonzo Mourning, Benefits The Honey Shine Mentoring Program

Miami's Design District is soon to have one more Fancy Furniture showroom as part of its collection. Kreiss, a fourth-gen family business famed for creating the "California Look" will host a Grand Opening Celebration on Tuesday, January 10th from 7-9 PM. In addition to being the first to peruse their three new collections, guests will enjoy hors d’oeuvres and sip eco-conscious cocktails courtesy of VeeV. (RSVP or 305.864.3434 ext. 199)

Grand Opening of Chalk in South Beach

Sometimes, you want to do more than just drink at bar. Say hello to Chalk, Sobe's latest nightlife endeavor by managing partners Robert Chalk, Sayra Moto and Joseph Blount. A Grand Opening celebration will kick off this Thursday, January 5th with a private, invitation-only ribbon-cutting ceremony officiated by Miami Beach Vice-Mayor Michael Gongora at 9PM. The party continues all night, opening doors to the public at 10 PM. (RSVP:

App-y New Year!

New year, new you, right? Every January, millions of people pledge to take on a challenge to better themselves. But according to the online Goal Setting Guide, 20% of people drop their resolutions after the first month and by July it's estimated that over half of the remaining resolution-keepers give up. Often times it's easier to keep a resolution when you have someone, or something, to hold you accountable. Try out some of these highly recommended apps to keep you on track all year long.