Chris Brown's Live-in Girlfriend Getting the Shaft
While Rihanna is likely getting HIS shaft

A little close and personal,no?
Whether you are in the #rihannaNavy or you’re #teamBreezy, there’s no denying that you’ve heard recent rumors of Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together. These rumors started weeks ago when Chris and Rihanna were spotted leaving the same studio. Then it was confirmed that they are actually doing a song together; the remix to Rihanna’s song “Birthday Cake” from her Talk that Talk album. Days after, those rumors were in full blast, when Chris attended Rihanna's birthday party. Clearly they tried to keep it on the hush, because Chris refused to enter the Hearst Mansion, where Rihanna’s 24th birthday party was thrown, until everyone there signed a confidentially agreement. But from the moment he walked in, eyewitnesses were shocked to see that he and Rihanna were attached at the hip, holding hands, enjoying each other’s company ALL night! After that night, there was no denying that rumors of them reconciling was definitely true!

Tweet tweet, cheat cheat
Finally today, baby steps were made to confirm these rumors to the public. Chris wished Rihanna a Happy Birthday on Twitter, and she replied. Fans are definitely not happy about that!

But in the midst of all this craziness, is the fact that Chris Brown currently has a serious girlfriend, Karrueche Tran.

How does she feel about all this?!

Players gonna play.
Sources close to her tell TMZ the two of them are doing quite well in their relationship, and that she is completely unfazed by the whole thing. They also reveal that Karrueche and CB are currently living together. And as for CB showing up to Rihanna's birthday party, sources told TMZ that didn't bother Karrueche either ... he came home to her that night and whisked her to Miami the next day to celebrate Valentine's Day.

This is cute… or she could be completely in denial!