Is Chris Brown the Next Bobby Brown?
The once promising star seems to be on a steady path to destruction.

Chris Brown
Ok Magazine
Chris Brown’s album “Fortune” dropped on July 3rd. Even with rave reviews it seems like the “Turn Up the Music” singer can’t shy away from controversy.

We won’t even bring up the Rihanna 2009 incident.

Well... maybe mention it a bit ONLY because it seemed that after the horrific incident occurred Chris was dedicated to the fixing his public image, proving that looks indeed can be deceiving. In recent weeks Chris has been associated with a violent club fight with “Take Care” rapper, Drake.

Chris wasted no time getting on Twitter to vent his frustrations immediately after the fight and then a few hours later deleting the rant from his account. Even though he tweeted and deleted the singer hasn’t exactly been remorseful or even humbled by the potentially image damaging event. In fact, the singer hopped on rapper Pusha T’s summer hit “I Don’t Like” to air his frustrations about the mentioned club brawl.  

The singer is only twenty-three so maybe we can chalk his bad behavior up to being young and reckless? But should we? We have seen this before.

 Let us never forget the super star that was Bobby Brown back in the late '80s and early '90s. Before Bobby Brown’s public downward spiral – drug abuse, a failed marriage to Whitney Houston. He was indeed the ladies man of all ladies men to hit the stage. Gyrating his hips and singing lovely melodies to audiences around the world, it seemed like the bad boy was just that good. But it eventually caught up with him. Audiences got sick of his erratic behavior and business partners began to see him as a liability rather than an asset.

No one wants to see Chris Brown’s amazing musical talent and dancing be overshadowed by his bad behavior and we can only hope someone will slap some sense into him.

Perhaps if people stopped giving him awards he’d humble himself and stop acting like an animal with no house training? But who knows, just a suggestion.

What do you think Joonbuggers is Mr. Breezy getting out of control?