Lindsay Finally Cleaning Up Her Act
And thankful for Judge Sautner's tough love!
With Lindsay Lohan being oh too familiar with the court system at this point, you’d think she hates it or is at least sick of going back. Well sources close to the troubled actress tell TMZ Lindsay is actually thankful for the tough love shown by Judge Stephanie Sautner. She’s apparently crediting Judge Sautner’s no B.S. attitude for saving her career.  

Sources tell TMZ, “LiLo wasn't a big fan of Sautner in the beginning -- but she now realizes that without Sautner laying out a blueprint for success ... she never would've gotten her act together.”

What did Judge Sautner do that was so different than the rest of the judges? Instead of requiring Lindsay to perform hundreds of hours of community service within a year, she required Lindsay to come to court monthly, and show she's completed the latest installment of community service. The big kicker: if she didn't show up she was going directly to jail! Sautner's strict policy finally forced Lindsay to adhere to the law and clean up her act.

Lindsay recognizes that this is the only reason opportunities have arouse lately, such as Saturday Night Live and a new Liz Taylor movie. Producers are watching her closely and acknowledge that she is making a turn around.

 Well Lindsay, we're rooting for you, girl!