PETA's Asks "Who is the Sexiest Vegeterian?"
Organization lists celeb herbivores for votes

In an unconventional twist on the "Hot List," PETA has asked visitors to their website to vote for the hottest vegan or vegetarian celebrity of 2013. The website explains, "Fads are a dime a dozen among red carpet regulars, but there's one Tinseltown trend that won't be fading away any time soon: going vegetarian or vegan! Hollywood hotties are proving that meatless meals have never looked (or tasted!) so good. And now we need you to help us decide who will reign as the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities of 2013!"

"Hot Lists" are an Internet staple now, and usually the fans' votes reign supreme, which means that the winner can often be controversial. When Miley Cyrus won "Maxim's Hot 100 2013," she was propelled by her internet-savvy fan-base, beating out sex symbols like Kate Upton and Bar Refaeli. Cyrus's constant Twitter presence also promotes her sexier new image and helps keep her relevant. Current popularity has much to do with topping an online list, but PETA is bucking the norm. 

On the website, PETA states, "Please note that while votes will be taken into consideration, PETA will ultimately choose the winner." This seems like a strange stance to take in an era where most reality TV winners are chosen by viewers, and most "Hot Lists" are the product of popularity. There's no explanation on the website, but does PETA not trust their followers to choose someone worthy? 

There are more than a few sexy women on the list, including Anne Hathaway, Alyssa Milano, and Maggie Q, and PETA also has a list of men such as Jared Leto and Peter Dinklage, so why not have voting be the deciding factor? Worthiness clearly isn't the problem since they all qualify with a meatless diet, but maybe PETA has already decided the winners based on factors other than popularity or sexiness, and the voting is just a formality, meant to engage fans?

Click the slideshow below to take a look at some of PETA's often-controversial ads, many of which feature the hottest celebrities!