Rob Kardashian vs. the Paparazzi

Definitely not a good week to be a Kardashian.

A few days after Kim K got "flower-bombed" at her red carpet event for her new perfume, brother Rob Kardashian, actually got handcuffed and detained by a Miami police officer due to a joke gone terribly wrong.

As reported by TMZ, Rob was with friends when he noticed a member of the paparazzi taking photos of them from across the street. He thought it would be hilarious to act like he was chasing the photographer... but the photographer actually ran away screaming into a smoke shop.

Neither of them realized the altercation was being recorded. But during the video, Rob never lays a hand on the pap. Rob just spotted him and followed him inside. Cops saw the chase and darted inside the shop, bursting into the store as Rob was closing in on the snapper. Once the pap saw the cops ... he yelled out, "He's attacking me ... he chased me ... he tried to kill me."

The officers grabbed Rob and asked him why he was in the shop, to which he replied, "I'm shopping." He was then immediately handcuffed.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Rob confirmed to cops that he gave chase because he "did not like the paparazzi filming him."

Eventually, cops understood it wasn’t that serious, and let both men go.