Royal Baby on the Way, Plus Haylor Makes Their Debut, and Gaga Scores at M.J. Auction

Kate Middleton
The most exciting news from across the pond this week has got to be the announcement that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant! Princess Kate is in her early stages of her pregnancy and was hospitalized for three-days for severe morning sickness. Her condition has many speculating that the duchess might be carrying twins, since this appears to affect mothers who carry twins more frequently than a mother carrying one baby. Her highness in not even 12-weeks apparently but the news has everyone in the media buzzing and celebs and dignitaries alike are sending their congradulatory messages to the happy couple.

In other news, Haylor, a.k.a new couple Taylor Swift and Harry Styles from One Direction, are getting cozier and more public with their new romance. This week the rumored couple was photographed holding hands and seen enjoying eachother's company at a bar, karaoke club, and in NYC's Central Park. Seems like Ms. Swift does like to move fast with her relationships. Wonder when the next song will come out about Mr. Styles.

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift
Also this week, Lady Gaga purchased over 50-items belonging to the late Michael Jackson. Gaga recently spent thousands of dollars at a Michael Jackson auction and bought 55 items. One of the most memorable peices she bought was the jacket that was worn by M.J. on his "Bad" tour. She is said to have purchased the items to keep his spirit and talent alive. “The 55-pieces I bought today will be archived and cared for in the love of Michael Jackson, his bravery, and his fans,"
Lady Gaga
she said on her twitter.