Sticker Found on New Chris Brown Album Defames Singer
Where the labels came from remains a mystery


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It's hard to forget the 2009 incident that forced Rihanna to cancel her scheduled performance at the 51st Grammy Awards ceremony.  The domestic dispute between her and R&B singer Chris Brown left her badly bruised on the outside as well as the inside.  The fallout which took place after the event was tremendous. DJs refused to play his music.  Radio stations dropped him from their roster.  Fans moved on and refused to buy his music.  For a time, it seemed that his career was grinding to a complete halt- when all of a sudden his Cirque Du Soliel inspired "flying" performance at the 2011 VMA's earned him the comeback he needed.

However, the past may have crept back up on Brown when shoppers visited a Cambridge HMV record store outside of London over the weekend. They were shocked to see a sticker attached to copies of Chris Brown's new album, which read: "WARNING: Do not buy this album! This man beats women,"  triggering a wave of tweets featuring the above image.  Cambridge University Student Union Women's Campaign,- who aims to "represent women students in Cambridge and campaign for gender equality" were the first to tweet photos of the adhered label.  At this time they aren't exactly letting up much information on their role in the stunt.

In a strange twist, the slanderous move may be doing more good than harm for Chris Brown, a spokesman told music mag NME.  "I guess they got their point across pretty effectively – with widespread coverage around the world, though, by the same token, quite a few more people now know there's a new Chris Brown album out."  This latest backlash against 'Breezy' comes just one week after he got a controversial neck tattoo of a 'Sugar Skull' (associated with Day of the Dead, a Mexican Holiday) which features a strikingly familiar image of a woman's face with what appears to be a black eye and cuts and scrapes.