Eat, Drink, and Give to Charity
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at 01:43 PM | Naomi Stark
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 We’ve been there--stressed out from a long work day and hankering for an ice-cold beer. Happy hours, birthdays, promotions, we can think of a thousand and one reasons to go spend some time at our favorite pub. Sure, the costs add up, but it’s important for our sanity to unwind at the day’s end. However, it's important to make smart decisions with our hard earned dollars. Statistically, young professionals of this generation give less charity than our older generation. Whatever the reason may be, it is time to now draw focus on how we can change this. What if the money spent on that much needed beer could simultaneously fund a cause for good? Good news: it actually can, at least in Washington, D.C. where, Cause, a philanthropub, donates 100% of its proceeds to charity!

Ok, wheat a second, what is a “philanthropub”? On its exterior, a philanthopub is a typical pub: great drinks, food, décor, friendly staff, etc; the key difference lies in their business model, which strays from the norm by using the business to generate funds for high quality organizations. Cause is a completely self-sustaining enterprise that does not rely on any donations  to achieve its goal of creating a new status quo associated with charitable giving--the pursuit of hoppyness, if you will.

Cause’s cause isn’t alone. This new charitable pubs movement is burgeoning all over the world. The Okra Charity Saloon of Houston enables  patrons to vote with every drink as to which charity will receive the next month’s profits. In Melbourne, Australia, Shebeen, sells liquor from 11 developing countries around the world, with the proceeds from each drink going to development projects in that drink’s country of origin. “If you buy a Dashen beer from Ethiopia, the profits will go to a charity called KickStart to supply water pumps to poor rural farmers. Profit from a glass of Boschendal chardonnay goes to Room to Read, a South African literacy project,” explains Carolyn Webb from The Age magazine.

Besides the whole beer-for-charity aspect of the business, another dope facet of the philanthropub’s business model is the transparency of where your money is ending up (which isn’t typical with many charities). According to Cause’s website, “It is our promise to always be 100% honest with our customers, and to that extent, we will be entirely transparent in showing you where the money is going. […] we will post our accounting information so you can see where your money is going." On tap of that, the organizations which receive money will also report what they are doing with the money and update the patrons on their progress.  

“Everything is competing for [younger people's] attention, and this is another way for people to combine charitable giving with something they’re doing anyway,” said Raj Ratwani, a cognitive psychologist and a founder of Cause, describing the young professional the bar is aiming to attractFor richer or pourer, we will drink to that, so c’mon New York, bring us a Cause (or two or three).

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