Myles Kennedy, MOSCOT Debut The MYLES Sunglasses
Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 02:05 PM | Naomi Stark
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New York City eyewear guru, MOSCOT, collaborated with celebrated rocker, Myles Kennedy to launch The MYLESa new sunglass inspired by Myles himself, for which proceeds benefit MOSCOT Mobileyes Foundation

At The MYLES debut event, VIP's enjoyed viewing the frame as well as a live performance by Myles Kennedy featuring music from his upcoming album.

10% of proceeds from The MYLES purchased in MOSCOT shops and online will be donated to the MOSCOT Mobileyes Foundation, which provides free medical eye examinations and prescription eyewear to New York City's underserved population. Many will experience corrected vision for the first time in their lives, enabling children who formerly could not see the board to finally learn in school, and for adults to gain and/or maintain employment, taking care of themselves and their families. It doesn't take glasses to see how important this work is for our community!

Myles Kennedy has a cool, laid back quality found in so many rock and roll icons. The MYLES sunglass emulates that classic style into its aesthetic. The frame, available in muted earth tones, is "derived from the MOSCOT Original SECHEL and incorporates quality details and precision aesthetics with a modern flare".  






Below, Joonbug secured an exclusive interview with Myles Kennedy about The MYLES and his work with MOSCOT Mobileyes Foundation:

How did the partnership between you and MOSCOT come to be? What drew you to this particular charity?

I've been a big fan of MOSCOT for a few years, so I was honored when they approached me about doing a signature pair of frames. Having the opportunity to collaborate with a New York City institution that focuses on giving back to the community was something I couldn't pass up. 

Did you help design The MYLES?

Moscot designed the frames around the shape of my face. They also based the look from a combination my favorite MOSCOT frame choices. The MYLES infuses my personality into the classic aviator in a really cool way.  

Do you own a pair? Which is your favorite color, style?

Yes, I have a few pairs. I have been wearing them in both colors, Olive/Black and Matte Black/Grey. 

Where do you see this partnership in the future? What are your hopes? 

World domination! Kidding. Hopefully this partnership will enable us to raise funds for The MOSCOT Mobileyes Foundation for years to come. Everyone should have access to eyecare.

Is connecting your musical career with philanthropic efforts something that is important to you?

Absolutely. Any way that I can give back through music is paramount to me. At the end of the day, I always find the overall experience to be extremely rewarding.

Have you worked with other charities in the past? if so, which?

Yes. I've been working with my local Food Bank (in Mead Washington) since the late '90s. I've had some great experiences and met some wonderful people since getting involved.

What is your next step?

The goal for me at this point is to keep growing as a musician and more importantly, as a person. 



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