Queen of Hearts: Pamela Anderson
Monday, August 13, 2012 at 03:09 PM | Amanda Mactas
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Actress, model, philanthropist, and international celebrity Pamela Anderson has conquered just about everything she has set her mind to. Since her breakout role in Baywatch, she has achieved an iconic status that few ever reach. Her latest endeavor is both fun to play and cause worthy; a new virtual Facebook app called BamPoker. Founders Elton Pereira and Jeremy Nichele wanted to introduce an interactive gaming experience that is both casual and fun to play. The Facebook App allows the online community to duel it out in Texas Hold 'em, with no money involved, using online virtual chips. Best of all, players will also have the chance to play or chat with Pamela herself! BamPoker has partnered with non-profit Free the Children and playing the game will help support the organization. Pamela chats with Joonbug about how she got involved in this online gaming experience, her upcoming return to Dancing with the Stars: All Stars, and her philanthropic background.

How did you get involved with Bam Poker?
I met Elton Pereira through Geoff Courtnall, who is a dear family friend. I love the idea of poker and poker players; it's always been of interest. I've dabbled in online poker world and had a lot of offers - I guess I suit poker? But there were a lot of grey areas early on, which made me nervous. I didn't want people to lose money, and when you have to start talking about off shore accounts in Costa Rica, [that's] not good..? Anyway. This is harmless- it's about the social part of poker, not about losing money. You just have fun and learn. It's better than all these other games on computer, I think, because it sharpens your skills you may want to use down the road...and hopefully win.

How does it differ from other online poker games? What are the benefits of using Facebook as a platform for the game?
The details you may want to get from Bam Poker boys- they are the geniuses...I'm just the Avatar.

Did you get to help dress the cartoon you on the Bam Poker site?
I let them have their way with me- it's cute. I like that it's not overtly sexual. She's just cute and fun like me.

You are a very active philanthropist. What do you like about Free the Children?
Elton introduced me to Free the Children- my background is in animal rights... I'm careful what I associate with and am leery of some "charities." These guys are very cool. It's amazing to help build schools. You can trust this one. I've made sure if it.

Are you excited for your return to Dancing with the Stars?
Excited, nervous...I'm an underdog in this group. Whatever happens I'm going to learn something and carry more skills into my future, so I am grateful for the opportunity.

What are you looking forward to most?
Performing every week. To me it's like a play once a week. So I hope to stay in it for a while, but taking it one show at a time. I am experimenting, applying a lot of different things at once, I have nothing to lose! I don't care about impressing everyone. I'm interested in empowerment and seeing what I'm made of. For me.

You seem to be quite busy lately. Do you have anything else on your plate right now?
My plate is full, always. Sometimes a little underground. But obviously my family and animal rights issues come first.

What are some of your favorite bars/clubs to go to?

What is one of your most bizarre fan moments?
Lots of great fans. Young girls, especially. But I've had some sketchy things happen. I'd rather not publicize, let's just say it gets handled. We are very protected - Angels are around us- I don't worry.

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