Steve Aoki Charitable Fund To Donate to Shelterbox USA
Proceeds from LA Birthday Bash, auctions and personal donation to go to top charity

Photo courtesy of guest of a guest


After announcing the launch of his initiative “The Steve Aoki Charitable Fund,” Steve Aoki is proud to award all collected proceeds from his recent sold-out Birthday Bash at the Shrine in Los Angeles!  Auctioned memorabilia and matched personal contribution will be donated to SHELTERBOX USA. Aoki has pledged to personally match funds up to $35,000, a $1000 for every year in Steve’s age.

"I’ve been saving up all my tour clothes, shoes, jeans, shirts, whatever has survived my insane tour schedule and will be auctioning off all these clothes where all the money raised will go towards the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund," he said.

Sounds cool, right? You can be a do-gooder, too! There are a couple of ways to donate and participate. You can visit the auction page here and bid on featured items from Steve's personal closet or make a tax-deductible donation directly to the fund here . Most importantly, you can democratically decide where the money will go from a list of 5 hand-picked charities from different regions. Every year there will be a new list of charities researched and selected by Steve himself!