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Thursday, February 3, 2011 at 03:00 PM | Alina Tarkhanian
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Everyone has gone Black Swan crazy lately. The film has been nominated for an Academy Award and the black and pink uniforms of ballerinas have infiltrated the world of high fashion (for more on ballet style, click here). And now the fitness world is embracing ballet as a way to look fabulous.

Some people may think prancing around on your tippy toes does not constitute a workout. Obviously those people have never taken a class. Ballet is a grueling and exhausting workout, working every single part of your body. It incorporates all aspects of a complete exercise routine: cardiovascular training, strength training and flexibility. If done properly and consistently ballet has several benefits including improving posture and strengthening your core. And it doesn’t hurt that you’ll be more graceful and have gorgeous long and lean muscles.




Here are some ballet-inspired workouts you can try out at your local gym.


Crunch Fitness offers two dance workouts. Tutu Fresh is a classic ballet class set to today’s hottest music. You’ll learn the basic positions and in no time you will feel like a pro.




Another option is BarWorks® offered at YogaWorks. This class is a combination of ballet, yoga and Pilates. The workout is designed to increase strength, flexibility and balance by using a ballet bar.


Balletone®, offered at Bally Total Fitness, blends classical ballet techniques with modern fitness concepts. This non-impact workout provides all the benefits of ballet like improved muscle tone and flexibility without having to deal with tight chignons, uncomfortable leotards and bloody toes. 


Besides traditional dance classes, ballerinas spend hours a day strength training. That is what inspired the Barre Burn class at Equinox. This is a vigorous workout which engages your core muscles by using ballet movements and intelligent isometrics. The result... Slim hips and thighs, buns of steel and sculpted arms. 






You can also turn your living room into your very own private ballet studio. Move your coffee table aside and pop in the New York City Ballet Workout DVD. Featuring NYCB dancers, you will not only learn the basic movements but you'll be learning choreographies. The DVD also has some behind-the-scenes footage of the company and the daily lives of the dancers. New York City Ballet Workout DVD 1 & 2, $32.50


Make sure to check class schedules to see if these workouts are offered at your club location. 

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