Have Mercy, Not Hangovers
Monday, December 26, 2011 at 12:03 PM | Miranda Peterson
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Your desperate prayers to the Alcohol gods have finally been answered. Introducing MERCY, the seemingly miraculous drink that has been bequeathed to us mortals to help prevent hangovers. No more shunning the daylight, worshipping the porcelain throne or throbbing head-torture. 

So what is it? MERCY is a fizzy, naturally flavored but uncaffeinated beverage. The drink contains a unique blend of amino acids, antioxidents & vitamins to help boost the body's natural defenses. More specifically, it helps rid the body of acetaldehyde, alcohol's unhealthy by-product. 

How does it work? MERCY works by replenishing nutrients and detoxing your system, so hangover symptoms like headaches and nausea are stopped before they have a chance to set in. 

It's most effective when consumed during or shortly after you're done drinking. You can drink it on its own or as a mixer. Find some tastebud-tempting cocktail recipes like the Honeysuckle and the Fountain of Youth here

And can you believe each can is just 60 calories? Rest arrured it won't wreck that diet you were planning to start for 2012. Learn more about MERCY and its ingredients and make sure you stock up before your New Year's Eve night out. 

Does it really work? MERCY has been tried and tested on Lust Gadget and Esquire with positive results. Check back January first to see if MERCY helps me banish my New Year's eve-induced drink demons. 

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