Lazy Teenage Superheroes
Monday, January 24, 2011 at 02:15 PM | Mallory Soto
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Lazy Teenage Superheroes is an ambitious short film making its rounds on Youtube about an average teen named Tyler, whose roommates all have super powers. Like the title implies, they aren’t exactly active in the Superhero community anymore. Like many teens, they just want to crack open a beer and play Team Fortress 2. Tyler doesn’t quite get exactly why his new friends aren’t making use of their awesome powers until they reveal some unsavory tidbits of their past as heroes.


The film is a funny and really well-written take on the lives of “average” heroes. Mitch, Calvin, and Richard's civilian lives are constantly being interrupted by archenemies and giant robots no matter how hard they try to hide their powers and pasts. They’re not exactly Superman or Captain America when it comes to enthusiasm when being called to task either, which makes for a fairly amusing contrast.


The short film is a really solid exploration of the Superhero genre and has some really great dialogue. The effects are also out of this world for a short film with next to no budget. Fun Fact: the entire thing cost its creators about $300. With effects that could take on Iron Man, that’s not bad at all. The entire cast and team are talented and the piece really shines a light of hope for those holding out for really impressive superhero movies, which have always been a little hit-or-miss and shallow in the minds of comic book fans.

Watch the film here, check out the behind the scenes footage, or have a look at the film's main site for more info and to learn about the cast and crew.

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