Learn the Art of the Flirt with Smitten, The Way of the Brilliant Flirt
Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 12:00 AM | Sarah Romeu
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While it’s quite nice to believe in the fairytale adage that someday your prince will come, we all know that, realistically, this is far from true. Dating in the modern world is as competitive as ever, and if you're not ready to bring your A game, somebody else will. It's time to take matters into your own hands and master the art of flirting, the correct way, so you can successfully land the guy of your dreams on your own terms.

In their new book, Smitten, The Way of the Brilliant Flirt, authors Ariel Kiley and Simone Kornfeld work together to give advice on dating, sex and self-realization, coaching you on the art of flirtation as they provide techniques transferable to your everyday life. Ariel and Simone show you how to connect with the opposite sex through subtlety and persistence; whether you think you're a beginner, intermediate or expert flirter, this book will help you to brush up on your skills or learn some new tricks.

Smitten is broken up into two parts; Part One: Unveiling Your Luminescence, Laying the Groundwork for Masterful Flirtation and Part Two: The Way of the Brilliant Flirt, the 8 Earth-Shattering Flirtation Techniques. In the first part of the book Ariel and Simone lay out the fundamentals, detailing the type of attitude one should take on before embarking, as well as how to present can carry yourself. Most notably they insist that you must not succumb to any preconceived notions about yourself, or the male target. This is all a part of becoming a self-realizing woman. She who has come to self-realization is independent, knows what she wants, and most importantly, she flirts for her own satisfaction and fun, not to fill a void. As quoted in the book, “When you become a self-realizing woman, you may notice that your flirting paradigm automatically shifts. No longer are your encounters with men underscored by a focus on his needs and wants. No longer do you contort yourself to meet his criteria. You now evaluate whether he's meeting your standards for truth and authenticity. Understanding what honest, fun communication feels like, you set your bar for the interaction. Whether he steps up to the plate and things work out is not your concern; you honor your needs and instincts regardless." Also included in the first part of Smitten is advice on boundaries, the perfect attitude and guidance on self-worth and love, because face it, how can someone like you if you don't even feel confident in yourself?

In the second half of Smitten, the final steps in becoming a self-realizing flirt are laid out and broken down into 8 simple rules or "earth shattering techniques,” such as “uninhibited enthusiasm,” “revealing intelligence,” “decisive decisions,” and a “second of silence.”

To read more of Smitten, The Way of the Brilliant Flirt make sure you buy your own copy from Amazon here for Kindle or in hardcopy and check out Ariel and Simone's website here for more dating advice and tips!


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