Marco Perego's Sculpture Foresees Amy Winehouse's Fate
Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at 12:44 PM | Desiree
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Though reactions to Amy Winehouse's demise have ranged from sympathetic to brutal "she had it coming" sentiments, one thing is certain --she is not the first, and likely not the last musician to suffer such a fate. It's known as the 'Forever 27' club, it includes Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix, who all died tragically and unnaturally.

Marco Perego created a sculpture two years ago called,  'The Only Good Rock Star Is a Dead Rock Star.' The piece shows Amy Winehouse shot in the head by William Boroughs. Winehouse replaces Joan Vollmer, Boroughs' wife who was shot during a game of William Tell in 1951. The sculpture was part of  'The Truth Is All of These Things. The Truth Is None of These Things. The Truth Is Some of These Things,' at Half Gallery.

Perego adds, “The French writer Arnaud says that the stars die for our sins. I see my William Burroughs/Amy Winehouse piece as an extension of that sentiment." And maybe he has a valid point. Somehow, the song 'Rehab' that catapulted Winehouse to superstardom loses its luster and just sounds sad given the circumstances. Yet, everyone danced about, laughed and glorified the song even though the subject matter was exactly what was destroying her. The quote, "Misery loves company," has never rung so true as it does for musicians. It's almost as if fans are suffering and want to see someone else hurting as much as them. But is that fair? Janis Joplin once said, "Audiences like their blues singers to be miserable." She was probably right.

Amy Winehouse wasn't a bad person. She was a product of enablers. She simply wasn't strong enough to resist temptation and survive an industry of blood suckers who only care about the bottom line. It's also an industry that accepts/glorifies drug use and darkness, with the belief that somehow it makes you more creative, interesting and artsy. A true rockstar!

What a crock of shit.

We've lost too many talented people to these "trendy" drugs. History just continues to repeat itself. It's a sad situation that we'll probably see many more times. And society is just as at fault as the person who dies. So before passing judgement, just remember there's a dealer who is selling the drugs, a "friend" who is turning a blind eye, and a producer who wants to make the payment on his Ferrari at all costs.

Rest in peace Amy Winehouse.

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