“Stocking” is The New Planking
Monday, August 22, 2011 at 05:44 PM | Mallory Soto
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It feels like only yesterday that planking and Batmanning were all over the internet--mostly because it was only yesterday. The trends haven’t died out, but people around the world have been attempting to go bigger and stranger since planking started. From the more vertical Batman maneuver to the videos of “coning”: people ordering ice cream at Drive-Through windows and picking their cone up by the soft serve end, the trick has always been either looking uncomfortable or making someone else look uncomfortable.




Perhaps the most uncomfortable expressions and scenarios of all come from stock photography. For those unfamiliar, stock photos are taken for just about every situation possible, just in case anyone suddenly needs a picture. They’re several layers of weird , funny, and sometimes creepy, with their white backgrounds and perpetually smiling models, smiling and laughing at everything: bowls of salad, expense reports, furniture, and anything, really. Since stock photos are more than a little weird, they’ve earned their place in the hearts of millions on the internet already. Turning stock photos into a project only added to the appeal when Stocking was invented.

Stocking is the act of recreating one of your favorite stock photos as closely as possible. When the creative minds at Projekt202 put together Stocking Is The New Planking, a Tumblr dedicated to the effort, they gained followers immediately. Now people everywhere are posing with stock photography as a reference. The project has just started and while it might not sweep the globe the same way planking has, it’s already getting some creative results.

Check out the results so far or submit your own Stocking photo here.

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