The Double-Barrel Handgun
Monday, March 12, 2012 at 04:54 PM | Mallory Soto
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It’s finally happened. Now you, the reader at home, can finally be just like your favorite over the top action movie villain. Running in guns blazing is so 1990s! What pistols need is something a little more extreme. For the gun user not satisfied with a single barrel’s worth of ammunition comes the double barrel handgun, courtesy of Arsenal Firearms. If your mind is envisioning two handguns taped together, that’s basically what it is--only sleeker.



The double-barrel handgun, or the AF2011-A1, is a pistol based on the 1911 model. The original, undoubled pistol is a rather thin gun, making the AF2011-A1 about average-sized, though it loses its appeal as something that can be concealed well. There are two models of this gun--one that can fire shots using one big trigger, and another with two distinct triggers. If that seems a wee bit impractical and unnecessary, it might be. However, Arsenal Firearms claims the two barrels increase the gun’s accuracy, so there’s that tidbit.



Let’s not be mistaken, though. This gun is pure novelty and flair. It’s made to appeal to the part of us that loves slow-motion gun scenes and impossibly action packed situations. When seriously pondering why this gun exists the only real answer is "because it looks badass!" It’s the Speed of guns crossed with something a lower ranking Batman thug might put together. It’s not the freeze ray people have always wanted, but it looks cool. If the commercial is anything to go by, the dramatic angles and intro are a nod toits movie-quality hype. It’s a firearm more likely to make someone stop and go “Jean-Claude Van DAMN” than admire its functions. Check out the slightly over the top commercial below:





[Via Gizmodo]

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