Stephen Knapp Makes His Debut Exhibition 'Illuminations' at the Bernaducci.Meisel.Gallery

If you’re looking for some beauty and serenity amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, Stephen Knapp’s debut “Illuminations” exhibit at Bernarducci.Meisel.Gallery will offer you some astounding splendor. Knapps’s one-of-a-kind pieces are called “lightpaintings” because he harnesses light while directing it through a complex network of shaped and polished glass to create awesome abstractions that truly take one’s breath away. Be warned however, photos do not do Knapp’s work justice--they truly must be experienced in person. The exhibit includes four site-specific pieces as well as several smaller-scale works. Many of the lightpaintings in the exhibit extend beyond ten feel in width, length, and height.

The Coolest Gadgets to Gift, Just in Time for the Holidays

If the abounding television commercials and ever present holiday tunes are any indicator, the holiday season is in full swing. And as such, it is time to start planning your holiday shopping. This task never gets easier, as we all wish to bring thoughtful gifts to the table so that our loved ones know just how much we love them. In this day and age, one of the most popular pastimes is technology. This is why we have gathered a list of the coolest gadgets to gift (mostly wallet-friendly but we couldn't help including some super cool stuff that do have a price tag almost as long as your phone number!)

How To Pass The Time If You Are Sick, Single And Alone

Now that you've graduated, moved out of your mom's house and live on your own, all alone because you're also single, you may find yourself tragically depressed at the idea of having to take care of yourself the next time you get sick. Well, cue the world's smallest violin and take note. Here are a few basic guidelines for when you're trying to get better from a bad bug:

Bed is best

When you’re trying to beat a bad cold, begin by getting as much rest as possible. Your body heals faster when it’s getting the TLC it needs, so snuggle up under the blankets and plan to make a day of it, because why waste another sick day?

Useful Hacks for Paper Bag Speed-Dating

Word on the street has it that Paper Bag Speed Dating is on the rise. Loveflutter, the app behind the movement, has proposed this meetup alternative as a way for individuals to get to know one another by emphasizing personality rather than appearance (you know who you are, Tinderers!) as part of the #saynotoshallow movement.

As this Elite Daily video suggests, despite being well attended and organized, there still seem to be a few remaining kinks that need to be ironed out...

RadioShack and littleBits Team Up for Holiday Workshop

This Saturday, RadioShack and littleBits invite you to a one day only holiday workshop to be held at RadioShack’s 1565 Broadway location.

From 10am till 10pm guests will have the opportunity to test out RadioShack’s hottest new products while sipping on complimentary drinks and enjoying delectable holiday confections. The star of the day, however, will be the holiday creation station with littleBits, the electronic prototype that snaps together with tiny magnets and enables you to create many fun things. Made for all ages, the littleBits kits make the perfect holiday gift.

Additionally, the first 100 attendees will receive an exclusive RadioShack stocking stuffer and be entered in an exciting raffle to win various holiday items from the store.

Minbar and Absolut Vodka Announce Collaborative Cocktail Kits

Just in time for the holidays, Minibar and Absolut Vodka are teaming up in merry “spirits," adding joy to everyones holidays.

Minibar is a mobile-first platform that provides consumers with on-demand access to wine, liquor, beer, mixers and more. Launched in February 2014, Minibar provides users with an easy and hassle-free way to stock their spirits. Since launching in February 2014, Minibar has moved quickly to become the #1 alcohol delivery service in New York. They recently expanded to San Francisco, Chicago, and Dallas, and have plans to launch in more cities soon.

In A New York Lunch Break...

Everyone knows how dramatically things can change in a "New York minute," but you'd be surprised what some people manage to get done during their lunch breaks. Whether it's 15 minutes or an hour, we New Yorkers pride ourselves on being masters at maximizing that midday break. Eating? Easy. Shopping? No problem. Personal errands? Have you seen how fast we walk down the street? We're so efficient, we could probably fit a Tinder date in during break if we wanted to, it's not like those ever last that long anyway.

Truth be told though, getting from the office to Trader Joes and back is an art form, one we feel obligated to share with those of you who tend to spend their breaks sucking on a napkin or waiting in line at the bank. Think of this a guidebook for using that much needed out-of-the-office time to the fullest.

Lumoid Plans To Make Tech Dreams Come True

Have you ever wanted to try new tech and gear before investing hundreds, or even thousands of dollars? Well, the folks at Lumoid understand, and offer an awesome, crazy-cheap way to rent these items for as long as you'd like. From DSLR’s and Drones, to the latest wearables, Lumoid’s comprehensive service covers nearly every facet of tech while charging an affordable daily fee starting at $18 and capping at $30/day (for higher end items). It's an ideal, cost-efficient alternative that allows you test out a range of products: from the latest releases to items suited to short-term, personal or professional projects. No matter what you're into, there’s something for everyone to use with Lumoid’s service.

Here's What Oculus Rift Would Pick Up on a Roller Coaster

When Oculus VR first announced their developer kit back in 2012, the options for a simulated reality were limitless. The initial path that game developers took is to simulate popular video games like Team Fortress, Skyrim, Half Life 2, and Bioshock. However, once the updated prototypes started pouring out, more questions came forward. How would the new prototypes pick up real life stimuli with its sensors? More importantly, how would Oculus function on something with an overwhelming amount of movement?

Enter, VR Coaster! In February 2014, the team set out to experiment the functioning of the Oculus Rift on different tracks and boy, is it highly exciting! The detailed write up that VR Coaster did with their findings is absolutely thrilling to read. You can read all of it here but for now, we can summarize the exciting stuff! In short, the experience doesn't seem to bring out any kind of dizziness or motion sickness, the VR track seems to be far more complex than the original roller coaster's, and, apparently carrying a controller with the VR piece makes the experience highly interactive!

Check out VR Coaster's "Blue Fire" Oculus Rift + Real View!

Dining Gets a Whole Lot Easier with the Dash App

Are you sick of waiting for your check at the end of your meal? Lucky for you, Jeff McGregor and Gennady Spirin founded the Dash app in 2011 with the belief that no one should have to endure the painstaking over-waiting (or any wait at all!) for the check at a restaurant, or worse, the fear after leaving a credit card behind at a bar. McGregor and Spirin came up with Dash on a New Year’s Day brunch when they were sick of waiting so long for their bill. They knew there could be a mobile solution, and so, Dash came into being.

Dash revolutionizes the dining and going out experience using a patented technology that directly connects users’ mobile devices with participating venues’ sales systems. The mobile payment app allows patrons to check-in, view, split, and pay their tab from their smartphone. Users can view itemized bills in real time, instantly pay-and-go, easily tip and split tabs with friends, access descriptions of local venue atmospheres, and automatically check-in. Dash is connected to 50 venues in NYC, and 30 venues in Chicago. Junior’s Cheesecake, Brass Monkey, Ulysses Folk House, Village Taverna, Leave Rochelle Out of It, and Bond St. have already become Dash venues, and more are sure to come!

A Fundamental 'Am I a New Yorker Yet?' Checklist

You’ve been here for years. You even picked up a slight accent. You eat food from a deli and know how to take the subway without even having to open your trusty app on your smart phone. That qualifies you as New Yorker, right? Wrong. We put together a list of the ten things you must do before rbeing christened as a true New Yorker. (Sidenote: if you have taken a bus tour in the last 2 years, this list is null and void. You will need to reapply for New Yorker accreditation in the next 3 years.)

Eat at a food truck – While we don’t suggest making this a regular occurrence because it could eventually deteriorate your precious organs, you have to be comfortable with ordering from a restaurant on wheels to be considered a New Yorker. Eventually you will stumble across a favorite, or two, and be weary of the trucks you need to steer clear of.