The Type-O-Matic Letter Service
Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 02:34 PM | Mallory Soto
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We take e-mail for granted every day. A few years ago, written correspondence meant sending a letter. Taking the time to write things out and send them through the postal service often took a few days, no matter how close the sender lived to the recipient. Because time and money can be saved, not many send letters the old fashioned way. Communication with anyone around the world is a few clicks away.





There’s a bit of charm lost through e-mail, however. It doesn’t carry the same feeling a hand written or typed letter might. It could be that these letters just take more thought or look nicer and more personal because they’re on stationary. Either way, enough people missed these letters so much that the Type-O-Matic was created. The confidential snail mail service allows customers to submit e-mails that they’d like to send as mail. Type-O-Matic then types up the letter on a vintage type writer and sends it through the mail for a small fee. Customers can even send their letters anonymously.

The letters are a lovely sight, and can suit quite a few occasions. Whether you’d like to look extra professional, romantic, or just like the look an old typewriter and heavy paper can create, the Type-O-Matic can put a fresh spin on something that would have been e-mailed. The service is limited to the U.K. for now, but may spread internationally. One day soon, a service like this one could make its way over to the U.S.

To see more, visit the Type-O-Matic website.

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