The Zombie Research Society
Monday, May 23, 2011 at 04:20 PM | Mallory Soto
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It’s a little known fact that May is Zombie Awareness Month. Thanks to the people at the Zombie Research Society, however, awareness is going to spread like wildfire. The non-profit group is dedicated to teaching people what they’ll need to know in the event of a Zombie takeover. They are dedicated to researching and spreading the news about Zombies and how to handle them, and they’re real.


The Zombie Research Society is actually a clever site for those who are big fans of sci-fi and all things zombie. Their blog section keeps readers up to date on the latest events, shows, movies, comics, and anything involving zombies. Zombie movies and books actually have a rich and long history, dating back to the days of black and white film. The site is dedicated to covering it and paying tribute to the greats that made it possible. Listed under their Advisory Board is George A. Romero, creator of 1968’s Night of the Living Dead, and famed neuroscientists Bradley Voytek, Mike Harris, and Timothy Vertynen—all of which have held a strong zombie fascination and published work based on their keen interest. It’s a diverse group, and their inclusion lends weight to an otherwise tongue-in-cheek page.


Founder Matt Mogk created the Society in 2007 and is responsible for creating a page rich with cool finds, like an Outbreak Map that keeps tabs on locations that have played host to “zombie-like” events in the past, such as an alleged headless zombie graveyard found in York, England. Membership to the very real Research Society the site created spans 6 continents and the group is growing. Events like giveaways during this month of Zombie Awareness and Zombie Walks happen regularly.


Check out The Zombie Research Society here.

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