Why the Nose?
Friday, September 9, 2011 at 01:50 PM | Mallory Soto
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We’ve all seen flash mobs and guerilla street art and performances. The motive behind a lot of them is simply brightening up a stranger’s day. People--often strangers--gather together to create projects that entertain and bring smiles to people’s faces. These generous and creative people relish in being a city or town’s clown for a day.





Why The Nose takes the idea quite literally. It was created by Bay Area-based photographer Tex Allen and the mission is simply this: wear a clown nose. Whether out in the street or simply to take some silly pictures and share them, the aim of the game is a clown nose for every person. Anyone who would like to participate can send photos in. Of the project, the site states:

Whythenose.com is dedicated to the act of wearing a clown nose, in order to make people smile.

It’s really that simple. In a world filled with distractions and distrust, you’d be amazed at how many people (of all ages) have lost a sense of innocence. Or maybe you wouldn’t…

Wearing a clown nose is fun, it’s childlike, it’s easy and it’s free (if you already have the nose)

We’re not trying to sell anything, we’re only showing you how easy it is to change someone’s day.

The photos here are of people who volunteered to wear a nose and be a subject.

Maybe that’s you. Maybe it’s someone you know. Did you find the photo you’re looking for? Did it make you happy?

The project seems fresh and new, but so far it looks really fun. Tex Allen has already gone to different locations capturing people being silly in clown noses and the site has already gotten a lot of fun submissions! In fact, the project recently found its way to Burning Man. Videographer Mark Day captured a whole day of different people clowning around! It's fantastic for people looking for their daily source of smiles, but probably a little scary for those afraid of clowns. The video is below, but if you’d like the participate the information can be found here at the project’s site.


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