Zombie Wedding Photography
Friday, August 19, 2011 at 06:32 PM | Mallory Soto
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Amanda Rynda is a California based photographer known for catching the sentiment in a moment. As readers can see in this set of photos, she really has a knack for bringing the sweetest moments to life. That is to say, the moment right before a zombie attacks. This wedding engagement photoset was for couple, Juliana and Ben, to celebrate their new future together. There isn’t a cooler way to say “I love you” than fending off a brain-hungry drone for your sweetheart.


The entire photoset starts off as a sweet portrait of the two lovers in a field of grass, amidst flowers. The dreamy soft colors of the photos give off a vintage vibe, as though their love has already lasted years. Somewhere through the set, however, something feels off. Juliana and Ben’s guest slowly appears descending from the hill behind them, lurching its way toward their tasty flesh. While the surprise is probably the coolest part, Amanda Rynda snaps a few photos of the couple slaying the zombie in style. Prepared with a shovel and knife, both look tough as nails fending the zombie off, making this one of the nicest contrasts of romantic and adventurous in a couple’s photo shoot.

Ms. Rynda has the entire shoot up on her Tumblr page, along with many other pieces of her work. While much of her portfolio caters to a much more conventional sort of photography, each photo she takes is charming and full of life. She captures the joy in weddings and every day life with such ease. Below is a slideshow of the zombie photo shoot.

To learn more about her photography, visit her portfolio here or follow her on Tumblr.

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