A Peek Into The Chili Lab
Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 12:45 PM | Tatiana Stec
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Everyone loves a kick of flavor in their food, and the chili salts from The Chili Lab are the talk of the town! Established in Brooklyn, The Chili Lab was founded by entrepreneur Thomas Kelly who created the nine types of salts that make up the local brand. From citrus to smokey, to fruity and earthy, the nine diverse salts are Chipotle, Piri Piri, Pequin, Cascabel, Aji Amarillo, Habanero, DandicutPasilla, and Guajillo. The Chili Lab salts can be used on pretty much everything; from grilled fish to fried poultry, to salads and roasted almonds, you'll be adding it to every dish!

We love trying new spices and seasonings, so the moment we received a bottle of Chipotle Chili Salt we headed straight into the kitchen. The Chipotle Chili Salt is a medium heat red berry smoke that we used as a seasoning for avocado and scrambled eggs. It was an interesting taste that was obviously salty, with a kick smoky chipotle. We've always loved spicy foods and we were very pleased with the savory taste of the chipotle chili peppers. We also used the Chipotle Chili Salt as a dry-rub for grilled lemon chicken breasts and vegetables which came out very flavorful, the hint of chipotle complimented the lemon well. The taste was invigorating and I have found my new go-to seasoning. Now it's time to try the eight other chili salts! 

To purchase your own bottle of The Chili Lab salts click here.

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