'Air' Vodka-Inspired Drink to Hit Store Shelves
Friday, July 20, 2012 at 11:23 AM | Antonia David
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For those of you who hesitate to grab a nice, cold brew in fear of the not-so-desirable beer belly, relief has arrived!  Air, Alcohol Inspired Refresher is a malt-based beverage (soon to be available in grocery stores) yet it is being described as a ‘vodka-like’ drink.

Generally, vodka lovers choose the alcohol because of its neutrality.  It has no color, odor, and a minimal taste.  Air is a beverage that has incorporated all of these features, adding carbonation and rounding out at 95 calories.  The malt in the beverage undergoes a fermentation process that allows Air to exhibit the same qualities as vodka and the addition of carbonation gives the beverage the vodka and soda mixed drink feel. 

The makers of the beverage went for innovation in this instance.  They aimed to make a drink that was natural and fun and not to be considered among the likes of the ever-so controversial Four Loko.  The drinks maker Phusion Projects had been under scrutiny for the amount of caffeine and alcohol in the beverage and misrepresentation of alcohol levels on the can.  These infractions enabled the hospitalization of college students in New Jersey and Washington state.

Perhaps a complete opposite of the aforementioned beverage affectionately called “blackout in a can," Air contains only 4% ABV and has no caffeine.  It comes in berry, citrus and club flavors and is slated for west coast releases in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle before it expands nationally. 

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