Brunch at Maritime Parc
Friday, February 21, 2014 at 12:00 AM | Tatiana Stec
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When you think of restaurants in New Jersey with sensational views, Edgewater or Hoboken most likely come to mind. Jersey City is home to Maritime Parc, a restaurant with a calm atmosphere, pleasant walkway, and an incredible view of New York City. We met the owner/chef of Maritime Parc, Christopher Siversen, who was very welcoming and down to earth. The French Culinary graduate and father of two did an impeccable job with his delicatable menu and it was an honor to have him cook for us.

Every great brunch starts with a mimosa, and we enjoyed those, along with refreshing strawberry green mint tea. When we tasted the food that Chef Siversen prepared, we thought, "Why haven't we come here sooner?" We felt as if we had been missing out on this Jersey City secret. We started with the Buttermilk Pancakes topped with raspberry preserves and honey fluff and Steak with Eggs. The savory Buttermilk Pancakes were out of this world. The honey fluff topping was scrumptious, you haven't had pancakes until you've had them topped with Chef Siversen's honey fluff. The Steak and Eggs, served with a watercress salad and duck fat fries, was grilled to perfection. The four menu items complimented each other and made a fantastic plate.


Next we had the Maritime Parc Burger served with Duck Fat Fries. Chef Siversen is opening up a burger joint this coming May in Newark and wanted us to try the MP Burger to give us a taste of his new eatery (no pun intended). The MP Burger was topped with califon tomme cheese, sauteed onions, and the Chef's special sauce. The hints of relish and mayo in the special sauce truly completed the mouth-watering burger. The Duck Fat Fries, seasoned with garlic and parsley, were very tasty. We have never tried duck before and were a little iffy on the duck fat fries, but thought to, Eat Pray Love, and sure did fall in love.  


Following the burger we had Fish and Chips, Mash Potato Rings, and Blueberry Ricotta Doughnuts. The breaded cod tenders were served with an egg dip and lemon halves for zest. It was the freshest cod we have ever tasted and the egg dip completed the divine flavor. The mash potato rings, which resembled doughnuts, were served with a grainy mustard fondue for dipping. The potato rings had a slight crispy exterior and a soft delicate center. We asked the mastermind how he came up with such a delicious concept, "It was kind of by mistake which is how a lot of things come out, I was trying to do something different with mash potatoes. I wanted a version of a potato that was an easy portion to assemble." 



It was very hard to choose a favorite item off our deliciously plated table, but we would have to choose the heavenly Blueberry Ricotta Doughnuts. Not only were they cute and tiny, they melted in your mouth and had just the right amount of moisture - a twist on the usual dry doughnut taste. The bite-size portion added to the temptation of wanting to eat them all.

Not only is Martime Parc a restaurant, they have two levels of catering for weddings and other private events. "We try to make both aspects of Maritime Parc work financially as one and we have great success, I thrive on that kind of stress and energy," said Chef Siversen. With only being open for four years, Maritime Parc has been named one of "New Jersey's Top 25 Restaurants" by New Jersey Monthly. Chef Christopher Siversen, restaurant manager Priscilla Abreu, the dapper waiters, and the rest of the Maritime Parc staff were very professional and demonstrated exceptional service. We had a lovely time and will be returning for the scrumptious food, stunning view, and amazing staff. Maritime Parc is open Thursday-Sunday and have extended hours during the summer.


Maritime Parc

84 Audrey Zapp Drive

Liberty State Park

Jersey City, NJ 07305

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