Dominos Makes Major Mistake
Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 05:05 PM | Michael Byrne
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While corporations all over the country are clamoring for a bailout, there’s one company that will probably shudder at hearing the word. Dominos ended up mistakenly giving away 11,000 free pizzas yesterday because someone typed that promotional code into their website, and it triggered a canned promotion that was never intended to see the light of day.

The Consumerist explains that yesterday, “Rick Broida posted a great deal from ubiquitous pizza chain Domino’s at his Cheapskate blog on CNET. Customers could get a free one-topping pizza (carryout only) by ordering online and using the coupon code BAILOUT.”

However, this promotion was never given the go-ahead by any of the higher-ups at Domino’s. “The original code was discovered by trial and error by one of Broida’s readers. Eventually, individual franchises started cancelling the Web orders, blaming the web coupon’s existence on hackers or a computer glitch.” Eventually Domino’s ‘bailed out’ on their offer, but not before giving away 11,000 pies.

The most curious part of this story is the fact that there’s somebody out there who devoted their time and effort to typing in random passwords on the Domino’s website.

Giving actuality to the mantra ‘You couldn’t even give that away,’ some people couldn’t even be bothered with the offer despite the fact that it was free. One commenter on The Consumerist noted that it “Presents an interesting moral dilemma. Would I order from Domino’s if it was free? Still better than Little Caesar’s, but I think I’m leaning towards no.”

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