Guy Fieri Jewelry Line Now On Sale
Thursday, December 22, 2011 at 07:30 AM | Mallory Stuchin
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Following a long line of sorta-celebs who sorta make something (yes, we're talking about your hair extensions Jessica Simpson), Guy Fieri has teamed up with Room 101 to design his own jewelry line for dudes. 

The blonde bombshell is rolling out his choice creations- which include dogtags and star-etched cufflinks- just in time to satisfy the gag-stocking stuffer gift. Of course, if you're buying these accessories for realsies, um, we can't help you.

According to Open Sky, the hawking these tchotchkes, Fieri says of his own products, "This stuff is off da hook. It's some killer bling. There's a dog tag, cufflinks, a bracelet- the works. It'll make a kewl gift for the holidays." 

Here's wishing Guy some very kewl holiday gifts, too. [Grub Street]

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