Holiday Bloody Mary
A Christmas cocktail recipe from the guys behind Stu's


Bloody mary concentrate makers, Stu Waters and Rudi Schmidt, share a Christmas twist on this traditional brunch cocktail.

Bloody Merry


To be served over ice in a pint glass – garnish with rosemary sprig because it looks like a pine tree!

Preparing the Bloody Merry Bacon Rim

Microwave 3 strips of bacon in a glass mixing bowl on HIGH setting until the bacon drippings are visible in the bottom of the bowl (4-5 mins). Remove bacon and dry with paper towel. Keep bacon drippings in bowl. Break up the bacon strips until they become virtual bacon shavings/splinters (very small pieces). Dip the pint glass rim, coating the entire diameter, first into the bowl of bacon drippings, then the bacon shavings/splinters.

*Leave out the bacon rim and rosemary garnish and the cocktail becomes a Frigid Mary