Liquor & Heat: A Fierce Combination of Spices
Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at 12:10 PM | Chelsea-Rae Abbate
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Are you the type of person that puts sriracha on your eggs every morning?  Do you overload your pizza slices with red chili flakes, to the point where the cheese beneath it is difficult to spot with the naked eye?  Do you go out of your way to order items on a take-out menu that has 1-3 chili peppers next to it?  Look no further, because this collection of spicy herbs is for you.  The Liquor and Heat line, brought to you by the innovative spice company TongueSpank, is sure to quell all of your spice-craving needs.

The two that we had the opportunity to sample are ranked as some of the more mild players in Tongue Spank’s starting line-up, which is slightly terrifying.  Feeling a bit adventurous, we decided to test out the Smoky Bourbon bottle by using it to spice up something a bit unusual: tofu.  First marinated in Soy Vey Asian sauce, we sautéed the tofu on the stove, adding a liberal amount of Smoky Bourbon to it.  Note: try this at home if you are a deep lover of Southern spicy foods, as the chili peppers are quite potent and the smokiness of the bourbon flavoring is reminiscent of a good spicy rub on ribs. Despite the seemingly odd mix of Smoky Bourbon and Soy Vey, we found it delicious, not at all boozy, and deeply satisfying.

Next up was the Citrus Rum spice.  We baked some tilapia in the oven with olive oil, the Citrus Rum Tongue Spank, rosemary, and a bit of paprika on 350 for 10 minutes and we have to say, the results were staggering.  A citrus and rum flavored spice is not something we expected to like, let alone love, but it really added something special to a mild, flaky white fish like tilapia. 

You can order your own supply of the Liquor and Heat collection here.

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