RHONY Ramona Singer Launches New Red Wine
Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 10:35 AM | Amanda Mactas
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You probably know Ramona Singer from her enthusiastic and quirky demeanor on Real Housewives of New York, but the savvy businesswoman is a lot more than a housewife. The reality star announced the newest addition to her collection of Ramona Wines, called Ramona Red. The wine will be a Sangiovese Merlot Blend and will be produced by Opici Wines. In 2011, the star released Ramona Pinto Grigio to much success and is following up with a much needed darker wine. We know from the current season of RHONY that Ramona is no stranger to wines - she can blindly pick out her delicious vinos from a bunch. 

Her new Ramona Red is produced in Tuscany, Italy, made with Merlot and aromatic oak fused to a Sangiovese base. The wine is fruity and tart, with notes of cherry and spicy oak and goes down smooth, just like a good wine should. Singer stated, “My favorite thing about Ramona Pinot is how easy to drink and [how] smooth it is. It was important to me that the same happen for Ramona Red.  The addition of the Merlot to the Sangiovese base brought great balance and achieved the smoothness and lightness I was looking for in my red wine.” The new addition to Ramona Wines will be available nationwide this October for $14.99. 

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